World Cup Qatar 2022 game recap

Isabella Mendez-Bedoya

Staff Writer

 To end the year 2022, there has been many events. One of these events being the World Cup 2022, which brings many people and countries together every four years to watch these soccer games to see which country will be the world champion. For many legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, Luis Suarez, Angel Di Maria, Kevin De Bruyne, and many more, this would possibly have been their last time playing in a World Cup game.

Game Recaps

    This year a lot of teams known as lower ranked levels had been beating more of the known top ranked teams leaving many viewers a bit stunned such as Saudi Arabia beating Argentina 2-1, Tunisia beating France 1-0, Japan beating Germany and Spain 2-1, Cameroon beating Brazil 1-0, which many of these lower ranked teams didn’t even make it to quarter finals. The only lower team that came out as the ‘underdogs’ making it to quarter-finals was Morocco joined along with the top ranked teams being Argentina, Netherlands, France, Croatia, and Brazil.

The last two finalists of the World Cup 2022 were France and Argentina, bringing an anxiety-inducing game that lasted from 10 a.m. until almost 1 p.m. What had been a 90-minute game turned out to have an extra 30 minutes and later into penalties. For those who may have not seen the game, Argentina had the lead for the first half of the game winning by 2-0 with Messi taking the first goal and Di Maria taking the second. During which it all changed in under 2-minutes in the second half with France tying the score up with Mbappe scoring both goals. Leaving this to the extra time of 30 minutes where Messi made the third score and later Mbappe tied it up when scoring a penalty kick, which led to what all fans were hoping to avoid, that being penalty kicks. This brought down all the pressure to both goalies and the 5 chosen players on each team to have a chance to score, which ended with Argentina winning with the score of 4-2 in penalty kicks. This also gave Messi his first ever World Cup win and the Argentina team their third World Cup trophy since the last time they won in 1986.

   During the ceremony, four awards were presented, one to France player Mbappe that being the Golden Boot (most goals scored). Then the other three awards went to Argentina’s players: The youngest player award going to Enzo Fernandez, Golden Glove keeper) going to Emi Martinez – a.k.a Dibu, and the Golden Ball (best player) going to Lionel Messi.

Qatar Host

   The most known information to the public about Qatar was that when they built their stadiums for the World Cup, they had abused their civilians and many labor laws. This also being that Qatar bribed their way into being the hosts for the FIFA World Cup 2020, and then putting laws into place with the no alcohol rule, as well as their homophobic tendencies to fans who came for the games and to the soccer players themselves. To the point where when Mbappe was celebrating a goal with Giroud and he lifted him off the ground, the Qatar hosts wanted to kick out both players from the rest of the World Cup because of the pose being very “intimate.”

World Cup 2026

   Another four years will pass by until we get the next World Cup game, in the year 2026 hosted by the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico. In that year’s World Cup, it will undergo a new format that bring the 64 games to 104 and the finalists from being six to eight. 

Changing the brackets of how the games are played but keeping the three group matches and adding an additional knockout round match.

This making all three teams automatically qualifying to play in the World Cup 2026, although there has been rumors that there was talk on how the Mexican team might be banned from playing in its own 

 Illustrated by Ren Godby