Wednesday Addams is Not the Girl of Your Dreams. She’s the Stuff of Your Nightmares.

Ashley Velazquez

Melaina Lawrence

Staff Writers

Wednesday has officially made its grand opening on Netflix, giving an early holiday treat to Addams Family fans who could not wait to begin snapping their fingers once again. 

Released on November 23, 2022 (a Wednesday, of course), this comedic horror series officially marks Tim Burton’s, famously known for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and Corpse Bride,  directorial TV debut and stars Stuck in the Middle’s Jenna Ortega as our teenage Wednesday. 

This supernaturally addictive mystery follows Wednesday Addams’ teenage years as a student at Nevermore Academy, a school for “outcasts,” where she attempts to simultaneously hinder a frightful killing spree affecting the town, master her surfacing psychic ability, and solve the 25-year-old paranormal mystery involving her parents—all while attempting to explore her new and strangely twisted relationships at Nevermore. 

With this series’ mix of supernatural beings, mystery, dark wit, and, yes, even romance, this show is truly Netflix’s jack of all trades masterpiece, and one, I can assure, you do not want to miss. 

However, that is not all… 

Released in 2021, The Irregulars on Netflix is the perfect watch for those of us who enjoy spooky crime fighting. Set in Victorian era London, the show follows a group of troubled teens: Bea, Spike, Billy, and Jessie, along with a royal, Leopold. The story is inspired loosely by the original series by Arthur Conan Doyle, and thus features 221B Baker Street, John Wattson and of course, Sherlock Holmes himself. 

Bea is the leader of the group. Due to her maturity, she is forced into a mother-like role, ensuring the other members stay out of trouble and survive their time living in a cellar. Billie is a hothead who likes to fight, and, in fact, tries to make a career out of it. Spike is the lad with connections all over town due to his undeniable charisma. Leo is the son of Queen Victoria, but the group soon learned he was not like other royals after he almost hit Jessie with his carriage and instead of riding off, ensured she was safe and so they welcomed him in. Jessie, younger sister to Bea, frequently has nightmares and wanders off into a trance state. In her dreamlike state, Jessie meets the line man from America, who helps her understand her powers and is always there for her. 

As the team solved cases on behalf of John Watson, they start seeking answers of their own about why these haunted crimes have been happening in London, why Jessie has this power and what happened to Jessie and Bea’s mum. The show involves the perfect mix of  supernatural aspects and a younger generation of sleuthing, that adds to intrigue to the original Sherlock Holmes plot in a way that works out perfectly.

Though it has been canceled after one season, which is truly saddening since we won’t get to see the entire story play out, the show is worth watching a million times over.

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