P’anku Fall 2022 literay & arts magazine winter release

Kacie Doran

Staff Writer

P’anku Literary & Arts Magazine released its Fall 2022 issue on Dec. 9 on the 12th floor of the Broward College Downtown building on Las Olas. As you walked in, Mia Orris and Cherokee Trimble greeted you and made sure you had a copy of the newly issued magazine. Poets, artists and authors from all over the college gathered to celebrate the publication. Installments and sculptures lined the windows emanating the Downtown skyline as patrons took their seats. 

One by one, speeches and commemorations took place to honor and celebrate each page and feature, bringing light to the showcased triumphs of the literary magazine’s latest issue. Each student participant had something unique and vibrant to offer, not only to the publication but the audience present as well. Each voice reflected an individual tone to their piece that allowed the student personalities to leap off the page and enter the hearts and minds of those present with the eloquence of their artistry and the individual flavor of their very own presence. 

With each voice, a new understanding of the artistry present in the student body at Broward College captivated each person that was present. A new facet of the depth and bravery behind each stanza and painted image allowed the audience the opportunity to be translated from the merely visual to the kinesthetic. 

P’anku Magazine has been with Broward College since 1966 as an art and literature magazine. Ana Sofia, Associate Editor, also sees it as an expression magazine, loaded with an array of mixed-media pieces including video clips, music, photography, poetry, sculpture and much more. 

“As a community of creatives and scholars working together, we possess the capacity to help empower our students. It’s an achievement to have your work published. You say, “This is my expression, my passion and I get to share it.” It’s a chance for students to connect through their favorite mediums and even receive opportunities past graduation. We highly recommend students to begin building their resumes and portfolios now in pursuit of art related jobs in the future.  The encouragement our students receive really helps breathe life into their artistic pursuits, giving them the positive support that helps them thrive at a time where everything is foundational.”

Sofia encourages students to submit the work that matters to them, regardless of how they perceive it’s worth from the eyes of others, or even themselves. “We are often our own worst critics. I have found, personally, that most students are so shy about their art. The only prerequisite to submit your work is that you are a Broward College student. You don’t have to be an art major. We’re just looking for your inner voice and creativity to shine. You might not think your work is worth anything, but we might want to publish it and thus encourage you and your talents. Try submitting it, even if what you have is untraditional or even a collection of pieces.” 

Sofia was told at a young age that she would starve in response to sharing her dream of pursuing a career in the arts; however, she simply saw no other way to live. She claims that she cannot deny the passion that has been in her since she was two years old. Her favorite medium is painting and she’s currently studying to become an Art Director.  “As an artist, it can be hard to find the right pathway. You can be a gallery artist, a curator, an art professor. There are many options.”  She believes in community and support to help encourage each other in the pursuit of one’s passions.  

“I want my fellow artists to be encouraged. I love it. I love tearing down the wall of adversity and watching our whole community growing and developing together.”