Academic Success Center: A Valuable Tool Before Finals

Jamonique WaiteStaff Writer

With exams setting in and the workload increasing with every class, it can be hard to be prepared for finals and that’s where the Academic Success Center (ASC) comes in to save the day. The ASC was designed with the students in mind as academic support is provided with no extra cost to students and exists to supplement the course material outside of the classroom. 

They also belong to the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA), and the Florida College Learning Center Association (FCLCA). 

ASC strives to satisfy our students’ requirements by employing highly qualified professional staff who collaborate to actively contribute to student achievement.

Located at all three Broward College campuses, it provides a quiet study space and academic labs for the beginner and advanced student in Math and Science, Writing, English as a Second Language, Reading, Accounting, Economics, Introductory Computer Science and Modern Foreign Language. Students can schedule an appointment online where they can meet one-on-one with a student tutor at the time most convenient to them.

This is done through close collaboration with Pathways and individual faculty members. Just to mention a few of the support offerings, they provide professional tutoring, organized group study sessions, exam reviews and collaboration space utilization. 

Students will discover a Student Technology Center or open computer center on the first level where students can do research, finish homework projects or get help accessing online course materials with the help of peer mentors.

A physics student, who has requested to remain anonymous, said, “I use it often. The main benefit is the face-to-face interaction, and nothing beats having a physical human there to communicate with.” While a math student said, “I’ve been here about 2-3 times already and the peer mentors here are always enthusiastic and helpful. They even give you high fives when you’ve figured out a question that’s a bit tricky, which makes you feel like you are making progress and I like that, but I just wished that they had more mentors to help.” 

The testimonials of students who have benefitted from this free opportunity are endless, but nothing can compare to actually experiencing it for yourself. Exams are here and we all need help to pull through so give the ASC a chance. 

Appointments can be made by visiting or walking into the Academic Success Center on your campus.