Women Owned Businesses are Prospering, Including Sweetie’s Italian Ice

Maya MohanNorth Bureau Chief

Women’s History Month is about celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of women throughout history. Today, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners, more than 11.6 million businesses in the United States are owned by women. A number that keeps increasing as we progress through time.

It’s not easy running a business in today’s economy, according to West Palm Beach News, real estate prices are expected to rise another 11 percent by the middle of 2022 which includes business properties as well. But Women located in South Florida are persevering and opening successful businesses while simultaneously making positive impacts on the local community. Sweetie’s Italian Ice is a local Italian Ice business located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They serve delicious frozen treats for all ages. The business is owned by Mildred Lowe, the founder and successful woman who uses her business to connect with her community.

In July of 2021, Sweetie’s Italian Ice hosted a summer contest called “Sweets and Rhymes” where students at summer camps and youth camps located in Broward County or Miami Dade could write an original jingle, poem, song, or rap that expresses their love for Italian Ice.

The prize for the contest was a $50 and Italian Ice party for the winner’s group.

Lowe is constantly trying to uplift the community through her business, Sweeties Italian Ice. When asked “as a woman, do you think that it’s harder to run a successful business?” Lowe responded with, “Having been in business now in the food and beverage industry selling only 1 product for several years, I think it’s hard for anyone, old, young, male, female, any gender,

wealthy or low income, experienced, or entrepreneur; particularly if they are doing mostly everything themselves.”

Many new business owners start by doing most of the work themselves, it can be difficult to hire employees at the starting stage of business because of the high cost. Advertising the position on various media platforms and reviewing resumes can take up valuable time for a new business owner.

Lowe began to really think about the idea of opening her own business as she entered her 20’s,

Her parents were also entrepreneurs too. They owned and rented property, had a moving company, and owned a thrift store.

Sometimes, it takes more than one attempt to launch a business, but when the timing is right things begin to take a turn for the better leading to success, “It was not easy to start a business, my first attempt was in 1999. I tried again and decided the timing for my family and circumstances were not aligned to provide the time it would take to build a business. In 2014, I was in a good place to start and give it my all.”

When wanting to start a business, it is important to do critical research to understand the cost and responsibilities that come with owning one. Make sure not to rush into anything and take all the time needed to put together a proper business plan.

Lowe has great advice when it comes to starting a business: “Do not quit your day job. Save your money, seek education, start with the many awesome resources the Broward County Library system offers. Utilize Broward Co. Office of Economic and Small Business Development for more insight on the many directions you can take your business. Check in with your local city business resources and learn what the cost of doing business legitimately in your city / town would be. When networking in the industry you believe you see yourself in; meet

others and ask them questions to get a feel of what they may be experiencing in real time. Lastly, when considering your business and vision, start looking for a partner or begin to prepare yourself to pay and effectively manage a team.”

For any inquiries about Sweetie’s Italian Ice, contact them at https://www.sweetiesitalianice.com/contact-us. They serve Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

Image courtesy of sweetiesitalianice.com