Young Democratic Socialists of America Club Provides New Perspective on Politics in the US

Ryan MarinStaff Writer

“The Young Democratic Socialists of America” is a new club on Broward College’s Central Campus. 

The club, founded fall 2021 by Anthony Nash, is a youth chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, a nonprofit socialist organization. 

The club is sponsored by Jure Rozman, music professor on Central campus.

While the club is named Democratic Socialists of America, members have a variety of political perspectives. “In our group, the spectrum reigns from students who are socialists to students who are your average democrat,”Nash said. 

The club is aligned with left-wing politics and supports programs like Medicare for All and providing free college and supports politicians such as senator Bernie Sanders and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

The club currently meets every Friday at 6 p.m. on Zoom, where students have discussions on things affecting their lives and the current state of politics. 

Topics include the rising cost of rent, student debt, and other issues affecting students. 

Nash said the club does not “hate America,” but instead wants to change it for the better. 

“The political spectrum to the U.S. is different compared to the rest of the world, and right-wing solutions to problems have been tried for 50 years. Our main goal is to say we have solutions to problems we are currently facing, and they are on the left.”

Nash was shocked by the reception to the club and is proud of the amount of activism in the club. 

“When we started this, I did not expect this amount of attention. We have 25-30 members in our group chat, and I expected 5 or 10.”

The club is open to students who have other perspectives, and who are willing to have open discussions with them.

During Club Rush, Nash had a productive discussion about issues in America with a student on the other side of the political spectrum. 

“After our discussion, he still held firm on his opinions, but I am glad we could admit to each other that these issues are problems. We have the same problems, let’s work on solutions.”

The club has an upcoming event for Black History Month where the club will be putting on a screening of the movie “Judas and the Black Messiah.” 

The event is planned for the end of February, in building 19 on Central Campus. 

There are also plans for a voting drive for the end of the semester. 

In the long term, the club plans on developing activities like food drives that are focused on helping people instead of political discussion or debate.

While the club’s meetings are currently on Zoom, they plan to soon meet in person on Central Campus. 

If you want more information on the club or want to join, please email

Image courtesy of Broward College