The Adventures of Tigertail Lake Recreational Center

Naomi Volcy – Staff Writer

Broward College’s Tigertail Lake Recreational Center has a multitude of activities for Broward College students to enjoy at a discounted rate. 

The Aerial Adventure Challenge Course, a two-leveled ropes course between towers, is 46 feet in the air, is one of the more exciting activities offered and amongst the most popular. The Aerial Adventure Challenge Course, once only available for large groups, is now available for single visitors. Thus, students are encouraged to come and enjoy the course.  

The Aerial Adventure Challenge Course contains a series of rope challenges. 

For example, visitors must climb a net to get onto the towers, tightrope across the towers holding onto hanging ropes and walk across the towers on mini wooden planks. 

The Course is intense, but trained personnel do prepare visitors with Ground School.

Observer staff safely prepare to endure the Aerial Adventure Challenge Course. Naomi Volcy/The Observer

During Ground School, visitors are instructed on how to properly wear the safety equipment (harness and helmet), taught how to fasten one’s harness from one part of the rope course to another and what to do in the case of a mishap. Though, trained personnel are with you throughout the entire duration of the course to assist with the challenges. 

Anthony Phung, a weekend visitor said, “I enjoyed the ropes course. I would describe the ropes course asfamily friendly, challengingand safe. What I like about the ropes course is how safe it is, and the different obstacles on it. I feel very safe and prepared because they had someone showing us all the safety equipment that was on it and how to use our equipment. I would certainly do it again.”  

The Course can be booked online at and occurs in three sessions: 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The sessions last for about an hour. The rate for Broward College students is $10 and for staff it is $15. 

For visitors not affiliated with Broward College, the price of the course is $25.

Natalie Justice, Manager at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center explains, “Students do get a $15 discount… They make their booking, they pay and they can email us their student ID number and we check it. As long as they are a current student, we go in and take $15 off and refund it to their credit cards…. We used to do promo codes, but it was harder to keep track of who is a not a student or a current student.”

Colby Baez, Recreational Coordinator at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center notes, “I think it is so much fun. I want to share it with the world.. BC students or any students, we don’t always have that much money to throw around and have fun with. I mean, coming here for $10 is a steal. I mean what can you do for $10 these days, as in something fun like this.”

For more information on the Aerial Adventure Challenge Course or to book a session, visit 

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Tigertail Lake, text 415-851-3180 with the code 784682 to apply. 

Tigertail Lake is urgently hiring current lifeguards and also those who are great swimmers who want to become lifeguards. 

Once hired, if interested, you will be cross trained to work on the ropes course as well.

Observer staff safely prepare to endure the Aerial Adventure Challenge Course. Naomi Volcy/The Observer