Locke & Key Television Series Takes you on a Wild Ride

Jamonique WaiteStaff Writer

Locke & Key, a TV series on Netflix based on the comic book series written by Joe Hill and published by IDW Publishing, is centered around three children, who after the mysterious death of their father, moved into his family home with their mom. However, the past has a way of coming back to haunt us and the children are forced to run a race against time. They and others seek to hurt them- maybe eventually the world. 

While the description “Chronicles of Narnia” meets “Stranger Things” meets “Riverdale” meets “The Haunting of Hill House” may suffice to bring in fans from these respective franchises to watch this show, the storyline is great, with plot twists and scenery, and the music is also stunning. Netflix originals are a hit or miss depending on what you like, I find there is something for everyone in the realm of Netflix originals. 

The cinematography is splendid and vibrant like Stranger Things or Harry Potter, with a lot of suspense and thrill and the bonus is there is no violence, which I appreciate. It displays cool sets and magic; they got these amazing keys with power which whisper to find them. However, with every new key awakens a new demon with no soul who is on the hunt for all the keys but fortunately can’t hurt or take them from the Locke family because they are the rightful owner. As a result, they prey on the bubbling emotions of love, hate, sadness and loneliness among family and friends and even between sibling rivalry to retrieve them. 

Despite my love for this movie series, it left me with a few gaps when it came to the house, keys, family, and the history of it all. Where did the keys come from? What is the history of the house? Why aren’t the two older kids trying to help the youngest find the keys and the origins of the well lady”? Why can’t adults remember the keys afterwards? Thus, leaving me with more questions than answers but I presume that it was done intentionally by the creators as this did nothing more than increase the dramatic flair and suspense.

All in all, it is the perfect balance of suspense, horror, sci-fi, mystery, comedy (you know the little amount of comedic relief while you scratch your head trying to figure out what’s going on – just enough comedy for it to still be a mystery sci-fi type movie). With a four- and half-star rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD, this thriller series is sure to take you on a wild ride; keeping you at the edge of your seat as you watch the secrets of a father unfold before your very eyes. 

Image courtesy of IMDB