It’s All About The Wipeout: Students Have Fun at Welcome Back Event

Naomi VolcyStaff Writer 

Broward College’s Central Campus Student Life hosted a Wipeout event Wednesday, Jan. 12 on the patio and lawn area behind building 19. 

This event was one of three in the series of “Welcome Back” events that occurred the first week of the Spring 2022 semester. 

The Wipeout event had two bounce houses and one trampoline from – the K2 Cliffhanger Slide 33 Ft Tall, the Toxic Revenge Obstacle, and the Bungee Trampoline.  

There was a DJ playing music, Icestasy Italian Ice for refreshments, and Student Life blankets given to students, so they can lay down and relax on the lawn area. 

The event was free for students to enjoy, though the only stipulation was that students sign a waiver form. 

Lauren Adamo, Director of Student Life, explains,” Because this involves physical activity we have students sign a liability waiver and get a bracelet, so we know that they signed in. Usually, we swipe (Student ID) them in, so if we want to follow up with surveys and get more information from them. If they enjoyed the event, do they want more events, did they meet other people, which is always our goal to have other students connect with each other and connect with Broward College.”

Alexander De Jesús, a College Academy student, states, “I was not expecting the event, I was just coming out of class and was like some bouncy houses? Let me check out what is going on… for the Italian Ice, the guy was nice and gave it out really quick, for the cliffhanger it was pretty hard. The Toxic Revenge Obstacle was easier and more light-hearted. For the Bungee Trampoline, I hit like four flips. They (South Florida Bounce workers) will help you out if you want to do a trick…they show you how to do it step by step. It (Wipeout Event) is overall fun.”

Adamo mentions that “This was actually an event we planned to do. Honestly, it is easier when we work with outside venders to put the events together…The big events are easier than our smaller ones because they are more labor intensive. We still need more student volunteers… Our campus activities board, which is a scholarship position, is still recruiting students. The students help us come up with the events, set-up, and work the events.”

For more information on Student Life events at Central Campus, or to keep up with the dates of these events, be sure to follow the Student Life’s Instagram page @bccentralsl. 

If you are interested in becoming a student volunteer, vsit your campus’s Student Life office.

Broward College hosts a Wipeout Event to encourage students to engage with one another in a fun, interactive environment.
Naomi Volcy/The Observer