What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Observer Staff Shares

Collette Tamburini – Staff Writer 

2021 might not have been as life changing as 2020, but it definitely left many people holding onto their futures and to make every day worthwhile. Members from The Observer take a look at what they want to achieve and reflect in the new year of 2022!

Jamonique Waite

As the new Year is drawing closer, we are all striving to do something better than the year before and while others are looking to make more money or for a physical change, I’m looking to make an emotional/ psychological change in 2022. I want to be more comfortable in my own body and to find peace within myself, which in my opinion, is the best change a person could as for.

Leonardo Lopez

In 2021, I have lost 12 pounds because of regular exercise. Next year, I plan to continue getting more into shape. Additionally, as an aspiring linguaphile, I would like to formally pursue learning a new language in 2022. With my Hispanic background, I am already fluent in Spanish, and I would love to be able to also speak in Portuguese, Italian or French.

Naomi Volcy

In 2022, I want experiences and opportunities that will set me up for the future. The future that I have in mind is one where I will have good relationships with those around me and I will be a writer. I want to be writing pieces that are fulfilling and meaningful to me, whether I am at the New York Times or a fiction author. In all, I hope that in this coming year I will get to nurture the relationships I have with family and friends, while writing pieces that I am truly proud of!

Gabriella Small

My main resolution of 2022 is to learn 2 languages, Spanish and Japanese. I would like to reach near fluency with Spanish, and basic conversation with Japanese. Another resolution I would like to make for next year is to become an active strength trainer and improve my dancing skills.

Atticus Leeds

My New Year’s resolution is to go to bed at 11 every night and wake up at 7 every morning. I’m on my way there already because it’s something my fiancé and I are working at together. It’s tough, but I think it’s all about getting my mind and body acclimated to that timeframe and trying not to take a nap during the day. 

Colette Tamburini

I have a couple New Year’s resolutions I want to achieve during 2022. The first is to finally learn the Spanish language. My family mainly is from Latin America, but since I was born in the US, I wasn’t able to learn it. I feel like it can help me not only in the working field but also to gain a stronger connection with my family. The other resolution is to practice my cooking skills. I want to make my own healthy meals and prepare delicious food for whoever comes in my home.

Image Courtesy of New York Times