Join the Motivation Nation with the BetterYou App

Megan VinebergStaff Writer

In partnership with the team at BetterYou, Student Life is providing free access to the BetterYou app allowing you to set and track goals regarding productivity and fitness, acting as your virtual wellness coach. Mental health and social life are also measurable from within the app—making it perfect for not only college students but young adults in general who want to live intentionally, mindful of their day-to-day activities. When a student achieves a goal, a reward is then unlocked including gift cards from sponsors and other prizes.

According to the company’s description for the app, BetterYou uses what is known as artificial intelligence (AI) to understand your habits. When you stray from any of your personal goal, the app will send a nudge your way to gently remind you to stay on track. Students are able to set goals customizable to their individual lifestyles. It will automatically track progress based on students’ data usage of the apps used.

BetterYou has a 4.5 star rating amongst users, and it is available for both iPhone and Android users. Sydney McNelley left a rating of 5 stars after having been a user for one year. McNelley commented, “I became a user of this app during quarantine, and little did I know how my motivation to be productive would change!” A user since March 2021, Roy Shaffer also rated the app with 5 stars citing how much he liked BetterYou claiming, “BetterYou is great if you want to improve your life and be more productive. Also, you can challenge friends.”

User Danigee83 began using the app March 1 and rated the app with 4 stars due to a compatibility issue when hitting the gym. The user stated “I started using BetterYou earlier this year, and it has definitely held me accountable for my health and fitness goals. Overall, if you’re looking for an app that encompasses all aspects of wellness this is the app for you.”

Etta_24 left a review of 5 stars when first beginning to use the app, claiming it is “great for goals and health.” After a little while of using the app, she left an update. She goes on to say, “I’ve been using this app for over 6 months now, and I’m still enjoying it. BetterYou does a lot of the work for you so you can focus on other aspects of your health instead of worrying if the app does or not. The developers are constantly improving it to be better so if you have any complaints, they take care of it. Highly recommend this app.”

What’s more is BetterYou connects students to each other, so they don’t have to track their progress alone. Whether you’re looking to get more restful sleep at night, or you want to incorporate your daily workout routine, BetterYou seemingly has it all. Want to stay in touch with a friend more but can’t remember to reach out with a hectic schedule? BetterYou has got you covered there too. You can set a goal to call specific people more when you choose your Top People on the app, reminiscent in a sense of the MySpace Top 8 section.

Say, you know you need to get out of the house more as a law student with no breaks, BetterYou can even do that for you. You just set your goal to attend a yoga class or meet friends at a restaurant, even taking a place for personal development like pottery or jewelry

making. In order to join, BetterYou uses a QR code. A valid student email address is required at signup. You even receive $5 after successfully onboarding the app. Student Life will be providing access to the app to students free of charge in an attempt to provide support to students so they can achieve success at Broward College.

Students can visit and sign up with their Broward email. Any questions related to the app should be directed to Leo DeAraujo at

Screenshot of the BetterYou app / Photo Courtesy of Leo DeAraujo