Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Game Winner on Primetime

Jordan StephensonStaff Writer

This game between the Packers and the 49ers went down to the waning seconds of the game. The 49ers never knew the unthinkable would happen, but sadly for them, it did. This game was a measuring stick more so for the Packers rather than the 49ers, because of the turmoil that took place in the offseason and how badly they lost week 1 to the Saints (38-3).

A lot of things had to go right for the Packers game-winning drive. Luckily, the first comeback had to lead to the second comeback. Davante Adams had to have a speedy recovery from a scary hit to the helmet by Jimmy Ward, with 7:41 left in the fourth quarter. I have some insight on Adams speedy recovery from a scary injury because I watched the entire game.

When the injury occurred while I was watching the game, it was very scary to witness, and he was on the ground for several minutes. When I first saw the injury, I was so disheartened for Adams because he was playing so well, I didn’t want him to be out for multiple games, which would extremely hurt my team the Packers.

Then when he got off the field and was able to walk off by himself, I had just enough hope that he’ll be able to return to the game. After he was able to walk off by himself, he was taken to the medical tent, where they most likely ran concussion tests, or he probably wouldn’t have been able to return.

I think Adams had the wind knocked out of him, but he said the issue was he couldn’t breathe. One play later he returned and he said the reason he came back so quickly was because “he’s different.” Rodgers said, “My first thought in devising how I wanted to get in on-field goal range was how I could get 17 (Adams) the ball.”

For the game-winning drive, Rodgers and the Packers had 37 seconds with no timeouts. Rodgers threw his first pass of the series to Adams for 50 yards. Then he had to intentionally spike the ball to stop the clock. Then Rodgers threw another pass to Adams for 17 yards. After that Adams got up quickly, placed the ball on the ground to save time rather that giving it to the refs, and then Rodgers spiked the ball again to stop the clock.

These four improbable plays set up Mason Crosby were to have a chance to hit a game-winning field goal. The 49ers took their first lead of the game with 37 seconds left on the fourth quarter, with a 12-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garappolo to Kyle Juszczyk. The two plays that the Packers had completed to set up the field goal, was basically created in practice three days prior to the game. Sure, enough of it worked, and it put Crosby in prime position to make a 51-yard game winning field goal.

Rodgers said, “He felt good about his old partner Mace making the field goal because he’s made some big kicks over the years.” Crosby then went ahead to kick the field goal, and luckily it went through. When I [saw] the game-winner made by Crosby, I was so happy for the Packers, Rodgers and Adams because it was a hard-fought win. It shut up most of the critics for how the Packers started the season (38-3 loss to the Saints).

Crosby made three field goals that night and 22 straight starting from last season. Rodgers finished with 23-of-33 passing, 261 yards, 2 touchdowns, and only was sacked once with a third-string left tackle filling in. Adams finished with 12 catches for 132 yards and 1 touchdown. He posted his second straight 100-yard game, which is the 25th of his career. I honestly still think he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL, dating back to his best statistical season last year.

Green Bay Packers vs. San Fransisco 49ers / Image Courtesy of SFGATE.com