WandaVision: Marvel’s New hit series received a lot of praise

Sarah Leyva

Features Editor

Marvel Studios has just released their latest hit show, Wanda Vision, that is streaming on Disney Plus+, and releasing episodes every Friday. The show has received lots of praise from Marvel fans who have been waiting for this show to come out and being able to see then connection with the Avengers series.

The show is based on Marvel characters Wanda, who is also known as scarlet witch, and vision. Vison was killed in the last Avengers movie and is pronounced dead in both outcomes the movie could’ve had. 

This show starts off with Wanda and Vision moving into this new town called Westview and they are what looks like it takes place in a sixty’s sitcom. 

The first episode is very confusing as to why it is in black and white and why the show is in a sitcom format, until the very last few seconds of the first episode, you see it pan out and you see someone watching their show on a small television. This really sets up the suspense for episode two giving that mystery effect. 

In episode two, we see the show go up a decade as it continues to do so for the rest of the six episodes so far. Things become very tense in episode two when we start seeing bits of color such as in a small toy helicopter that appears to be yellow and red, and it just gives the impression that something is off. 

For the first two episodes, the show left the viewer in confusion into the context of what was happening until episode three the background information of what is actually happening and who is in control of this town in Westview where everything seems so picture perfect. 

But at the end of episode three, we start getting a better understanding going into episode four as well we start seeing the connection with the Avengers and understanding how Vision is still alive even though he passed away. 

The format for this show is very different from other shows when seeing that even though the episodes are not very long there is a lot of context given and every episode is left with the viewer on the edge of their seat as to what is going to happen next. 

The show has six episodes so far and is to have nine episodes in total. The last three episodes are still to come out, but many say that the next three episodes will be an hour long, and there is slight confirmation that those rumors are true. There is still many ground to cover with the show so hopefully they will be long episodes making it a six hour series. 

This show is definitely the next best watch if you are a Marvel fan and a great start for those interested in the fandom. There are many Easter eggs with predictions that correlate with the future to come for the Marvel universe. So, if you do start watching keep a close eye out for all these little clues. 

Photo Courtesy of Google Images