Teen business owner: Alexis Hair Collection

Evana Brenelus  

Staff Writer

Sixteen-year-old Neah Alexis is the owner of Alexis Hair Collection, based in Broward County. She provides hair extensions such as bundles and wigs, mink lashes and accessories for all genders and ages. Customers can pick up their orders if they are local, but she ships worldwide and self-delivers. 

Alexis began selling lashes in school and on social media in Jan 2020. She eventually extended her offers to hair in July 2020. 

“At first, it was just a small side hustle so I wouldn’t have to ask my parents for money,” she said. She continued selling products because it brought in good revenue and she knew that was a possibility after doing research about selling products like wigs. 

As someone who can do hair, selling hair makes Alexis happy because when people get their hair done, it makes them feel like a whole new person with a lot of confidence. 

“The excitement of the customers when they receive their products adds a razzle dazzle to my day,” she said. 

Treshell Williams left a review on Alexis’ products after shopping with her. 

“When I tell you, I’m very pleased by your product. I am beyond ecstatic. Customer service on point, delivery didn’t take long and more importantly, my lashes lasted about three weeks,” said Williams. “Didn’t shed and trust me, you have a customer for life. Thank you again.” 

Alexis also enjoys making her clients feel comfortable enough to want to purchase from her and conversating with them, what matters is how her clients feel. “It is not just about the money.”

Out of the products Alexis sells, her favorite is a particular wig. 

“My favorite product is the deep wave wig because it just looks amazing,” she said. “You can never go wrong with curly hair.”

When COVID-19 first began, it caused delays in her shipping times and led to broken promises with clients. For example, she would let her clients know that she would be receiving lashes on a certain day, but the packages never came, so she felt like she misplaced her clients’ trust. 

“Nobody wants to shop with someone they can’t trust” she said. Besides the impacts of COVID-19, she did not really face obstacles while building her business. However, she did worry about having bad vendors. 

“They were unreliable and wouldn’t have the products I truly wanted.”

For the new year, Alexis hopes to get new customers located outside of Florida and the United States so her business can expand. 

Her advice to upcoming business owners is “ to stay focused and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t and can do because only you get to determine that.” She also says to work hard because hard work does pay off in the end.

You can get in touch with Alexis by texting 954-226-8303 or direct messaging her on Instagram @AlexisHairCo as well as seeing the products she offers.

Photo Courtesy of Neah Alexis
Photo Courtesy of Neah Alexis