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With the Spring Term ending, many students are scrambling about to try and squeeze out those last few assignments and look for ways they can properly digest all the content they need to know for their final exams. Although it may seem impossible to catch up now, there are many resources provided at Broward College and tips to help the average struggling student get work done on time and pass their projects, tests, and exams with flying colors.

One important resource provided by Broward College is the Academic Success Center. Here, at no extra cost, one can schedule remote tutoring services for Math, Science, Writing, Computer Science, and many other subjects. 

If need be, a student could also set up group study sessions with their peers. They could also attend virtual workshops for certain subjects and exam review sessions that are usually held near the end of a few select courses. 

If a student is having any trouble with understanding a chapter of Calculus or is wanting to have their end-of-term paper reviewed before turning it in, this is where to turn to. To schedule an appointment with a tutor or access any of these different features, register for an account on and book a tutoring session under any available slot.  

Karen Magnus, Associate Dean of the Academic Success Center on South Campus, recommends that students should “get help early and often by utilizing the Academic Success Center and Library services,” so that they are not left to struggle with their material alone.

One overlooked, but important resource that Broward College provides is Although students are only given 10 free hours of tutoring time to use on the website each semester, it should be an essential tool to many students. 

With, a student can take part in a tutoring session with no prior planning. Simply open the website from OneLogin or D2L under “Resources > Online Tutoring,” search for the subject being worked on in the “Topics” and “Subjects” Tabs, enter whatever question you have, and start up a session. 

A student can even compile a word document with quiz questions they may have gotten wrong and go over them with a tutor quickly. This resource is a great one to use if a student is having trouble, needs help quick, but does not have enough time to set up and appointment with the ASC. It is easy to run out of time if used for multiple subjects, though, so one should use along with the ASC to conserve the free time that is given. 

Some quick and effective tips one should keep in mind throughout their academic career are, 1) “Schedule specific times throughout the day to study, cramming is not advised and most do not retain information that way,” -Fortin Jean Pierre, District Director, Career Services 2) “Meditate and clear your mind before studying; avoid distractions -Fortin Jean Pierre. 3) Go over work and create study sessions with classmates. 4) Avoid procrastination at all costs since it “causes unnecessary stress and gets in the way of you achieving your goals of being successful”, -Karen Magnus, Academic Success Center. Finally, 5) Do not wait until the end to change your ways and seek help in academics. It is never too late to develop good study habits and seek out tutors to ensure your academic success.

If you need more information on how to get ready, visit for more tips and tricks to adopt this finals season.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images