Drew Brees Retires from NFL

Chase Cone  

Contributing Writer

After 20 seasons, Drew Brees ends his amazing career in the NFL. Brees has had one of the most successful and most certainly a Hall of Fame type of career. Brees retires from the NFL as the NFL leader in career passing yards with 80,358 and is second in all-time career in touchdown passes with 571 and completion percentage 67.7 percent. 

With not only that, Brees also owns the best single game percentage with 96.7 percent.  He has had multiple 5,000 yard passing seasons and he is the only quarterback to ever do that. Brees also led the NFL in 7 seasons of passing yards and that is the most by any quarterback ever. 

He also has 54 games with at least one passing touchdown which is the most ever. He has 123 games with 300+ yards in games, which is also the most in the NFL. With just these stats that Brees has accomplished, he is easily a Hall of Fame quarterback. 

His career was very successful, and he has accomplished many accolades throughout his career. He is known to be a very humble athlete throughout his career.  

He is a 13-time pro bowler, and also added one Super Bowl to his career. Although Brees doesn’t have that many Super Bowl championships, he led the Saints to many successful winning seasons and many postseason appearances. 

Drew has given all his heart and soul towards the game, but he feels like it’s time to call his career and move on. He told the reporters, “I’m retiring from football. I am not retiring from New Orleans. This is not a goodbye, rather a new beginning.” 

Brees has made it clear he will be doing everything it takes to help out the city of New Orleans and possibly the football team. 

Injuries throughout Brees’ career have hampered him throughout, but through those injuries he has been the most steady and consistent quarterback in the NFL. 

The past two seasons have been tough for Brees. In 2019, he missed five games due to an injury and in 2020 he missed another four games. Despite the injuries, he has shocked everyone by the amazing career he had by the kinds of numbers he put up and how he took charge and led the Saints to many successful years in their franchise.  

Brees has made his teammates and coaches all better around him by his leadership and dedication to the game. After 20 seasons, his wife and kids are forever excited for what their dad has accomplished and done in the NFL. 

They posted a video announcing his retirement and they said finally we get to be with our dad all the time and spend time with him. After a successful career in the NFL, Brees can now spend time with his family and be with them more. 

After 20 seasons accomplishing many great things throughout his career, he is going down as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game. He will forever be a New Orleans Saint, all-time great and definitely an NFL all-time great. 

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images