The Black Lives Matter Movement

Dolores Vil
Staff Writer

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade Ahmaud Arbery, Attatiana Jefferson, Michelle Cusseaux, Trayvon Martin, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Philandro Castille, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Janisha Fonville, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Gabriella Nevarez, Tamir Rice, Elijah McClain, Tanisha Anderson, Walter Scott, Alton Sterling Charleena Lyles and Sandra Bland.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is here now to raise awareness on the injustices and senseless killings the black and brown communities have faced for hundreds of years. The movement has brought together people of different backgrounds and races.

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For example, on TikTok, a video-sharing social network, though, it was not created for the BLM movement, still serves as a platform to uplift the movement. To put it simply, creators are putting a pause on their comedic and entertaining videos to inform others on petitions they can sign and to spread the word that the BLM movement is not a trend and it is here to stay. To illustrate, here is a link

Moreover, Amaya Ronczyk, a student at Dillard University states a few ways students can get involved with the BLM movement themselves.

“The main way is researching the candidates running for magistrate positions and local leaders; also, holding them accountable and calling their offices, asking questions about their policies put forth in opposition to police brutality. After, it would be good for students to encourage their peers to do the same.”

To contact your federal, state, and local leaders follow this link

Of course, just like every other movement there has ever been, the BLM movement has demands. Demands such as free education and healthcare, reparations, no bail for those who’ve been convicted of a crime committed against the black and brown communities, such as police officers and white supremacists. Also, the most advocated for, yet controversial to some, is defunding the police.

Now, stories and videos of police brutality as acts deemed as racist are reaching millions of people because of apps like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. “Share and copy link” is a popular line used by many to help get the word out. The phrase means to share what you learned with others and copy the link to repost on personal social media accounts. It is a simple but effective way to spread useful information.

Yohance Laguerre, a student at Miami Dade College, states “the best way to contribute to the movement is through online mediums. Anyone can voice their thoughts on how racism affects them, this gives a perspective to those who are not affected or unaware of the problem. Doing this online also helps people to social distance.”

For more information on the BLM movement and other ways to contribute, follow these links,,, and

Also, here are numbers to call and text: text FLOYD to 55-156, JUSTICE to 66-8336, ENOUGH to 55-165. To leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor call 502-574-2003.

Protestors marching, in Melbourne, Australia June 6, 2020 to support Americas BLM movement
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