Chick-N-Grill to be replaced on South Campus

Thandie Brown

Online Editor

Student voices have different ways of being accessed in institutional settings. For example, surveys, online forums, chats, face-to-face discussions, meetings, etc.

In the age of social media, issues about student resources are often accompanied by complaints. They are noted, but the delivery is more so impersonal. To combat the dilemmas that surround the student body, Broward College’s Student Government gathered the voices of their peers and took action to address the issues that circulate amongst the halls.

South Campus was the hub for this Spring’s Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting and after the student marketplace for club/organization engagement in the gym, the students’ intention was set up to begin.

The Student BOT forum was an informative event.

Regarded as an event for the student body’s concerns to be acknowledged, issues that may seem mundane like food choices are assessed very seriously.

South Campus’ student body President, Gabriel Neves, first recalled the concerns of last year’s forum including the issues of food choices, campus engagement and lighting issues in student facilities.

Senator of Partnership Centers, Julienne Asuncion, reminded the board of similar issues including food choices and campus engagement.

To combat these issues both parties affirmed that they hosted an SGA Welcome Back Breakfast. From the engagement of this event hosted in the beginning of the Fall semester, the increase of student activities reflected the requests of the educational attendees.

Student BOT went on to announce these three things: Chick-N-Grill on South Campus is being replaced, in response to campus safety, workshops have been promoted to address active shooter preparedness and additional campus safety officers have been dispatched. As for the gym, there will be proper access to gym equipment to combat the restricted times set aside for users outside of classes and/or events held at the location.

Including a new, full-time hire starting in April, gym hours and accessibility have been expanded to effectively allow the exercise resource to be available to students.

Students who also attend partnership centers had their complaints about food choices. Vending machines are the primary resource for food/snacks because the local franchise, Subway was shut down as a result of a lack of foot traffic and revenue.

Other issues that arose were supplies. Partnership centers have a book kiosk with limited supplies and rely on main campus bookstores for textbooks/specific resources.

The Board responded with efforts to replace the vending machines in the partnership centers with machines that provide meals as well as snacks. With the lack of foot traffic, the cost to partner with another food establishment would burden the school’s budget as opposed to break-even or exceed revenue.

The student leaders went on to announce new issues that their peers wanted to be addressed by the Board. They presented the issues of how certain courses/subjects are available on specific campuses. For example, STEM is mostly found on Central and general writing courses that are primarily found on South. For the students who have limited transportation, they request that there be more course variety available at the partnership centers and other main campuses.

Limitations of the LYFT Ride-Share program were also brought to the meeting. The need for classes to be on the same day for program approval to be available conflicts with the schedules of working students.

The efficiency of financial aid calculations/disbursement was another manner that had many student attendees agreeing from the audience.

And lastly, a similar issue of student engagement was brought up – student commitment. The student leaders asked their superiors for solutions to not only gain involvement but also retain it. Advice to combat the limitations that affect student interest were asked of the Board.

Now, in all meetings, time is limited, and the newer issues were seen as follow-ups for improvement.

For the student body to return results such as more gym hours, replaced lighting, broadened food choices and the securities of their finances are impressive. They demonstrate the power of democracy.

To continue such improvements, suggestions can be given to Student Life representatives.


Aviation student addressing student concerns with the Board.   /   Thandie Brown/The Observer