Khalid Johnson wins BC NBA 2K20 championship

Elliot Tritto

Central Bureau Chief 

On Jan. 28, Broward College South Campus hosted the 2020 NBA 2K20 College-Wide Tournament. For those unfamiliar with NBA 2K20, it’s a video game where NBA fans can play as their favorite teams and players.

As Ben Vollmer from IGN states in his NBA 2K20 review, “On the court, NBA 2K20 is a dazzling experience that matches the energy and presentation of its real-life counterpart. Enhanced footwork, dribbling and player spacing help improve an already sturdy foundation.”

A week before the college-wide tournament commenced, all three main BC campuses hosted their 2K20 tournament. Every BC student can join the individual competition as long as they bring their student ID.

After the three individual tournaments, three champions were selected to test their skills once more for the collegewide tournament held at the Student Activity Center on South Campus.

Unfortunately, due to the time on a Tuesday at 11 a.m., only the South Campus champion, Khalid Johnson entered the tournament.

Tiffany Erving, South Campus Coordinator of Student Life, decided that whoever wanted to challenge Johnson for the title would place their name in a bowl in which one name would be pulled randomly and that name would go on to face Johnson.

Out of three names inserted randomly, BC student Bouvier Bernard was chosen to face Johnson.

In the game, Johnson chose the present Brooklyn Nets team while Bernard chose the current Houston Rockets.

The Brooklyn Nets starting lineup included Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan.

The Houston Rockets starting lineup consisted of James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Clint Capela,  P.J. Tucker and Tyson Chandler.

During the tournament, many mistakes were made but some incredible highlights were displayed.

With four quarters consisting of five minutes each on the highest difficulty setting, Bernard had the home advantage.

However, Johnson shined the brightest out of the two for ball movement, shooting threes and dunks. Especially utilizing Joe Harris, who’s a lethal, consistent 3-point shooter, having Irving drive through the lane to get the quick layup, and of course, setting up the alley-oop slam for Jordan.

Bernard had his fair share of highlights as well.

Bernard dominated the defensive side with several blocks by Chandler and Capela as well as bringing in Westbrook and Harden for wide-open shots and excellent ball control.

Nevertheless, Johnson stayed consistent with his basketball and won the championship.

With a final score of 64-51, the Brooklyn Nets and Johnson took home the 2020 NBA 2K20 BC championship.

Johnson took home a gift certificate for the BC library as his prize. He used it to buy another video game, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.”

NBA winner

Khalid Johnson was the winner of  the NBA 2K20 video game” / Photo courtesy of Broward College Student Life