Event on North Campus stresses the importance of voting

Renee Darbonne

North Bureau Chief


On Jan. 21, Brenda Morrison, Vice President of Policy and Procedures for the Urban League of Broward County Young Professionals Network along with the Student Government at North Campus, hosted a voter education event on North Campus.

The Urban League of Broward County was founded in 1975 in association with the National Urban League and is a community-based organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of African-Americans along with others who are a part of historically underdeveloped communities through education, entrepreneurship, jobs, justice, housing and health.

The purpose of the event was to provide students at Broward College with basic information about engaging in elections.

In her presentation, Morrison said, “Our education piece is non-partisan and we do not push any ideologies, candidates, party or positions on students. We are merely informing students on all the positions up for election in 2020, where they can or are required to vote, how can they vote and how they can learn about who they will be voting for.”

The organization recognizes the importance of teaching students how to vote rather than who to vote for.

The Urban League accomplishes this by providing various voter education tools which include: a website that serves as a focal point for those seeking information on voting that serves as the election hub for voting information and an app that provides voter information at the tip of your finger.

Voter education aids the electorate in becoming aware of the importance of participating in elections and equips the voter with the attitude, behavior and knowledge necessary to encourage and consolidate our democracy.

During the upcoming election, this knowledge will ensure the optimal organization and involvement by students regardless of party affiliation, behavior that is necessary for a conflict-free election and tolerance for the competition and election results.

As was said in the event, education on its own cannot sustain democracy, but, education can protect democracy when citizens are able to receive the support and response required to withhold a democracy.

Nevertheless, educated citizens can overcome the sometimes insufficient administration meant to prepare for an election.

The Urban League of Broward county explored how to secure democratic living through civic education and the possibilities provided by providing civic education.

In the voter education event, the Urban League explained terminologies in a way that was effective and easy to come by and also offered guidance on a variety of useful techniques for young adults from 21-40.

Dien Tran, senator for Student Government, commented afterward, “My parents always stressed the importance of voting, but I thought they were so adamant about it because they were from a different time and country, so seeing other people talk about it is really reassuring.”

Historically, students vote less than any other demographic and this number takes another plummet when students of color are put into consideration.

Being that students are typically the newest members of our democracy, the chances of them having a driver’s license, state ID or simply be contacted by political campaigns grows dim.

These are simply a few of the many barriers that inhibit students from voting.

Having the Urban League of Broward County at Broward College was the beginning of an effort to tackle the obstacles students must face to be informed of the voting process.



The Urban League of Broward County spoke to students about the importance                        of voting.                                   Photo courtesy of Northloop.org