Student band performs during recent art gallery at South

Dolores Vil

Contributing Writer

Sweaty bodies swayed as the quiet and powerful voice sang to its heart content. Clear chemistry between the music and the crowd was formed once the drums were introduced. The crowd bobbed their head rhythmically as the drummer played as if it was his final performance. One instrument did not overpower the other, and it was as if the two were side by side, balancing each other out. The music gave a feeling of comfortability and a peaceful vibe. All eyes were on the band, and phone calls were taken outside out of respect for the band.

Antonio Aviles and Leemarvin Julus are members of the band Up All Night Affiliates (UANA). Aviles and Julus recently performed at Broward College for the service of Rossinni Julus (an art gallery).

The crowd was hesitant; fingers were crossed in anticipation as Julus tuned his electric guitar. The start was slow and steady; both sides gearing up for what was to come. Aviles on drums picked up a beat carrying Julus’s voice, and a slow grin spread across his face as the crowd began to sway.

Aviles and Julus met each other in high school. Thus, the start of their journey as brothers and bandmates. Aviles, now 21, and Julus 23, bond still grows strong as they continue to make music together.

When asked about their respective instrument’s backgrounds, Aviles said he first fell in love with drums when he was younger in church. He added that he was taught only the basics and was motivated to learn other techniques on his own. Watching videos of drummers like Questlove, influenced him to be the drummer he is today, learning their techniques and turning them into his own.

Julus said he enjoys playing on the Epiphone Les Paul guitar, but what he really wants is the Gibson ES-335 Dot. He fell in love with the Epiphone and Gibson after watching B.B King and Gary Clark Jr. play. As a guitarist, Julus said that King and Clark Jr are his biggest influencers.

Unquestionably, Julus and Aviles give much thought and attention to their songwriting process. The lyrics and instruments are carefully pieced together to create an impact on their listener’s hearts. To illustrate, the time process to create their music ranges from 30 minutes to 1 whole month. Simultaneously, while creating music, the bandmates are focusing on their careers. Aviles is a permit runner at Momentum Solar. Julus used to work security at a homeless shelter; he later resigned to solely focus on music.

In brief, Julus would especially like to thank his older brother, Loonstar Julus, “he was the one who taught me how to dream outside of the world that I live in, I’d never be involved in entertainment if it weren’t for him” said Julus. In like manner, Aviles thanks his brothers (bandmates) allowing him the opportunity to be a part of something special.

Julus and Aviles leave their fans with encouraging words, “Good things might come to those who wait, not to those who wait too late” – Bill Withers. As a group, they do seek fame and fortune, but their goal is to let the world know that they are here to stay.

To conclude, fans can gain access to their music through Spotify and Apple Music with their handle being: Up All Night Affiliates.

For updates on their music, follow their Instagram, uanabooking.

Any questions can be answered by emailing them: