The way I makeup: Volume Nine

Michelle Castano



I get that women have “inner beauty”, as they say. And while, yes that statement is very true, I also think that women and men alike should place an importance on their appearance. I always feel insecure when I am not wearing makeup; however, when I apply some foundation, mascara and eyeliner, I feel like I am able to command the room (or in my case, the newsroom) better.

Marilyn Monroe once said that “A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear”, and while I absolutely agree with that comment, I would just add lipstick, lipgloss, or even chapstick to my lips.

In a sense, makeup is a form of “warrior paint”, you seize the day and make the most out of it. For school, I obviously wouldn’t do heavy eyeshadow or even contour my cheekbones (unless I’m going to an event afterwards), because lets face it, you don’t want to seem like you are “trying too hard”. You want to go for that “girl next door” effortless look. A beauty brand that excels in this look, is Glossier. They focus on natural pigments, nothing too flashy, but just enough to get you through the day-to-day hustle. This brand has excellently reviewed concealer and powders. Concealer is a MUST for tired eyes due to all-nighters for college projects and essays, while the powder is helpful for the humidity levels in South Florida.

before and after

Before and after makeup application. Courtesy of

While I admit that doing my makeup for my 9 A.M. statistics class is quite pointless, I usually regret not applying at least concealer and mascara for that class. I find myself running around campus afterwards either taking pictures, interviewing individuals, or networking due to my newspaper and editor-in-chief duties.

While some may argue that I am insecure with what I look like because of my opinion on makeup, I would say that I have pretty good self-esteem. I just feel more POWERFUL and CONFIDENT with makeup applied to my face.

According to the Science Times, researchers from the Harvard Medical School found that there is an indication and correlation in the sense that wearing makeup could provide a better sense about self-esteem that may bring positive effects on the cognitive performance of an individual.

Additionally, researchers tested college students in a controlled environment. Some wore makeup whilst some did not; they were given a set of cognitive tests. To their findings, researchers concluded that the subjects who wore makeup tested higher than the subjects who were bare-faced.

Makeup is a powerful tool. Use it to your greatest advantage.