Women in Distress educates students on South Campus

Jovan Subrath

Staff Photographer


Women in Distress, dedicated to aiding women and men alike who are in abusive relationships, held their educational seminar on Oct. 16 at Broward College’s South Campus.

Their aim, to raise awareness for the ever-growing taboo topic, and by doing so help to drive the conversation forward on why these relationships exist from both sides, the abuser as well as the abused.

In hopes to lift the veil of ignorance that comes from the ‘Why don’t you just leave?’ opinion, it was explained that an abusive relationship comes from a desire to have total control from the abuser viewpoint, and a lack of confidence from the abused.

And on both sides, childhood upbringing can play a factor, as well as financial situations and even raising children.

Considering that there are 10 million cases of physical assault by an intimate partner every year reported, cases of intimate partner violence among men and women in the U.S alone, the emphasis was also put on the fact that this is a socially disesteemed subject, more so for men than women, making it harder for men to seek hLearn abelp.

The seminar was very informative, enlightening and is a very welcome movement for change on this repressed social issue.

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South Campus president, Rolando Garcia, speaks at the recent Women in Distress event. Jovan Subrath/The Observer