Soccer player is honored with Student Athlete of the Month

Curtis Michaud

Staff Writer


As October comes to an end, Katelyn Brito, who plays the center back position for Broward College Women’s Soccer Team, was named Student Athlete of the Month.

Brito is a Sophomore who majors in Business Administration and Management and has dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur one day.

“I have my own notebook and I write down my future ideas on how I want to open my own company one day. Then one day I will go back to review my notes and see what will work for me,” Brito said.

Coming from a Hispanic background, Brito understands that to get results and being successful one must be very dedicated to everything that they participate in; she learned from her parents.

They are pretty much my role models because coming from Cuba, they really didn’t have much so they showed my sister and I how to work from the bottom and work to grow ourselves up,” said Brito.

Not only does Brito excel in the classroom, she also holds her own on the soccer field. Playing the center back position, a pivotal position on the field that requires a lot of responsibilities and skills.

“I had a good vision on the field and I am great in putting my teammates in the right places to succeed. With being a vocal presence on the field that’s why they put me back in there,” Brito said.

Playing high school and travel soccer in the past, Brito entered BC with the assumption to just go to school and focus on her studies. However, dedicating the last 10 years to the sport she grew to love, she quickly missed the adrenaline rush before every game and competing with her teammates.


Katelyn Brito is honored with student of the month.

“I just love the energy my teammates and I share on and off the field and is something I grew to love and play the game with them makes it more fun,” Brito said.

She found out BC was holding soccer tryouts and Brito immediately jumped at the opportunity to join the team.

In her freshman year, she showed great promise to all her coaches and teammates that she would be a great asset towards the team’s success.

Former assistant and now Head Coach Olaf Henke said, “It was a pleasure to have her on the team. On the field, Katelyn really showed great efforts in her play and leading the group even as a freshman.”

But when everything seemed like she was finding her rhythm with the team, for Brito it suddenly went awry when she tore her ACL in her knee, which immediately takes time to recover, ending her freshman dream.

In women’s sports, an ACL injury is typically an unfortunate norm that leaves a serious mark on the team to overcome. The team was heartbroken of the news and felt for Brito as they stood by her in a crucial moment in her athletic career.

“Katelyn handled the situation very well; she was out here every day before and after the surgery. She really showed the support towards the team,” said Henke.

Since Brito has been sidelined with an ACL injury that she suffered last season, it just made her want to come back on the field and play with her teammates even more. She always felt that she was going to return to the team and become stronger than she was before.

“I have literally been going to the gym rehabbing myself getting my knee stronger and one of my teammates helped me on the field to improve my agility and speed,” said Brito.

The team had to overcompensate and become willing to make sacrifices for the absence of their starting center back because they were thin in the defensive back line. Players had to learn a new position and getting comfortable with situations they were not familiar with.

Sophomore Captain Eli Berbesi was one of those players.

“We play for each other and have fun. Since Katelyn’s absence, the girls have taken that philosophy and have learned to work together while she’s on the sideline cheering us on,” Berbesi said.

After months of gruesome rehab, Brito’s hard work has finally come to fruition participating in drills and practices with the team.

With the addition of Brito back on the team, it gives the team an additional body and piece on the field that Coach Henke truly appreciates.

“It’s a great feeling. We suffered with injuries already this season and to have a player like Katelyn with her attitude and with her knowledge of the game will give us a great boost,” Henke said.

It seems that the news of Brito’s return to the team has brought the team a new spark and energy on the field with their 5-4 victory at home against ASA Miami, giving the team a lot of momentum entering the remainder of the season.