Steve’s Expresso and Why You Should Try It: The Review

Erick Mendez

Staff Writer


Steve’s Expresso begins with a little history dating as far back as 1993. Founded at Broward Community College on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Steve Taks has made his way through a variety of settings. Golfing tournaments, museums, hospitals, art institutes, you name it. The business goes back to an opening in Broward College in Davie, Florida during 2004. As many surroundings as you can think of up until a point where Taks was no longer involved with the company.

Today Taks wants to inform new and veteran customers alike that he himself has since returned to the business with the intention of unveiling new ideas for hungry visitors looking into a fine experience. As of January 2019, Taks bought back the business after an extended period of absence.

Featuring a very diverse menu, he spoke about some of the meals served at his establishment such the Philly cheese steak, burgers and deep-fried twinkies. When asked about chicken wings, he mentions they are roasted, not greasy.

In terms of coffee, one of his recommendations is the cold brew coffee. Drinks that are steeped in cold water come out akin to iced coffee. I’ve been told that expresso cappuccino mochas are arriving from Ethiopia.

Steve’s Expresso has a variety of food and drinks catered to as many audiences within reason. For vegan-based students, options such as veggie garden burgers, black bean burgers and vegan pizzas exists to captivate customers.

BC student Raquel Melgarejo said, “A lot of places are common but the potato in the fries is good.”


Steves Cafe

BC students enjoy going to Steve’s Expresso. Jovan Subrath/The Observer


As of September 2019, I can report that my visit to Steve’s resulted in the breakfast meal called Fit for a King. I’m proud to reveal that the meal does live up to its namesake. The breakfast combo consists of a large waffle meeting the length of a breakfast box, two large hash browns, sliced scrambled eggs, a small sausage and one slice of bacon. My drink comprised of an all-natural strawberry smoothie made with real pureed fruit.

When asked about attracting newcomers, Taks himself describes the hook to his business as “Big portions at reasonable prices.” The manager humbly believes in competition. His desire is to promote happiness to every student and otherwise customer that walks in curious only to leave satisfied.

The experience of Steve’s Expresso isn’t limited to just a meal. Currently, the café is actively seeking new part-time employees to strengthen the quality of service even further. I also took notice of an established art gallery that consists of paintings and photography related pieces. Timothy Lisener is credited as the content creator who allows his works to be put on display. You can find sports channels, and radio stations as the foundation to such a lively atmosphere inside. An Easter-egg to the show Seinfeld can also be found on one of the walls.

Steve’s Expresso is located in the FAU building (Student Union Building) bordering Broward College Central Campus in Davie, Florida. The restaurant’s open hours are timed from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. during Monday through Thursday. In addition, the café is open on Friday and Saturday weekends at 8 a.m. and closes at 2 p.m.

As of Sept. 3 2019, an additional branch of Steve’s Expresso is in the Florida Atlantic University’s Liberal Arts building.

One more method to reach Steve’s Expresso is through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which can and will highlight potential discounts and prize-based events. As of this current publication, online ordering is being worked on.

The bottom line: Enjoy your visit because I know I did.