Grocery Bingo hosted by Student Life at South

Daniela Jaramillo

Contributing Writer


Students yelling “No!” Other students calling fake bingo’s that made others nervous. Colored bingo chips all over the place and lines of grocery items.

Over 30 Broward College students gathered recently in South Campus at the Student Life Lounge to attend the Grocery Bingo.

“The purpose of Grocery Bingo is to give the students an opportunity in a fun manner to engage with their fellow Seahawks, but also to address the fact that there are students who may be going to Seahawk Outreach Services because they are looking for food [and] assistance. This is a place where they can come and not necessarily have to fully express that they are in need but sit and enjoy with their friends and having the opportunities to win groceries that can help family members,” said Tiffany Erving, Student Life coordinator at South Campus.

There have been Grocery Bingos before. The most recent one took place this past summer. Since then, the Student Life Department has been hearing stories from students returning to say thank you. One of the stories the coordinator mentioned is one of a student that had taken another family member into the household and that this event helped a lot. According to her, it is a fun way to impact others.



B-I-N-G-O! Lauryn Barnes/The Observer


Compared to the Grocery Bingo event hosted last summer, there has been an increase in student attendance.

“To me that means that there’s an increase in need as well as an increase of current enrollment. I see the excitement because there are students that have won before. They know the expectation and the impact…Students are telling their friends and bringing them,” said Erving.

The first winner was Katelynn Johnston, who got a full bag of groceries. Among her selections were barbecue chips, mashed potatoes, cookies, tuna and cereal.

“I’ve been practicing last night. I have a Bingo board on my phone,” Johnston said.

Students kept coming to play Bingo and get some chips that were offered by the Student Life team. As students were yelling Bingo and more rounds were passing the whole lounge was filled with “Ohhhh!” William Cruz, one of the event winners said, “I feel great. I usually never win at games like this. I will definitely have a little party at home.”

Many students left with smiles on their faces. Some expressed they had joy and were stressed at the same time.

“It was fun. I really liked it. I was very anxious and excited, and I think it is really cool how we get a full bag of groceries especially when you are in college,” said student Kathleen Mock.