Michel Gorszezaryk prepares to block the goal

Curtis Michaud

Staff Writer



Michal Gorszezaryk, team captain for Broward College’s Men’s Soccer team has been named Student of the Month for September.

Gorszezaryk is the starting goalkeeper, which is a crucial position that is essential to the team’s success.

Named First Team All-Conference a year ago, Gorszezaryk earned the respect and trust from his teammates and coaches, resulting in him landing Team Captain.

“I think the hard work in practice and staying after every game helped me to become better protecting the goal and helping my team,” said Gorszezaryk.

A team where its players are mixed with different cultures, ranging from South American to Europeon, Gorszezaryk understands that as Team Captain, he must manage those different personalities and get his teammates ready to have the right mindset before entering competition.

“I think we work hard on our chemistry and I think right now everyone is fighting for each other rather than arguing,” said Gorszezaryk.

Originally from Poland, Gorszezaryk spent most of his childhood in a fairly small city. He moved to the United States when he was 15-years-old.

Although Gorszezaryk barely spoke English when he first moved, he was still drawn to the soccer field. Gorszezaryk left everything in his home country so that he could chase his dream in becoming a soccer player in the United States.

“Leaving my family and friends in Poland was the hardest part for me,” Gorszezaryk said.

Gorszezaryk, playing his role as goalkeeper, works hard for his team and his sport. However, Gorszezaryk’s success does not end there. Majoring in Sports Administration, Gorszezaryk plans to continue his career in sports upon graduation.



Michel Gorszezaryk prepares to block the goal. Bella Riccitelli/The Observer


The responsibilities that Gorszezaryk takes on as goalkeeper only drives him to do his best.

“As a goalkeeper, you have to have great concentration and manage everything on the field. If I make a mistake, I put the blame on me,” said Gorszezaryk.

During high school, Gorszezaryk received interest from Lynn University as well as BC, leaving him with a tough decision to make between those two schools.

Gorszezaryk valued trust in his decision making. He felt drawn towards BC because of the trustworthy and home atmosphere Head Coach Munga Eketebi gave him when they met.

“Coach Munga immediately told me everything I wanted to hear. I really like his style of coaching, he always pushes us to become better,” said Gorszezaryk.

Eketibi has great respect and speaks highly about Gorszezaryk, not just the player but the person as well.

“He’s very professional in everything he does and that’s why I named him team captain because he pretty much can interact with anybody,” said Eketibi.

Eketebi recruited Gorszezaryk in high school to become the team’s starting goalkeeper and he hasn’t looked back since.

Gorszezaryk didn’t disappoint with his performance in the team’s season opener against Georgia Military College.

Gorszezaryk had one of his best games in his career, saving a number of goal opportunities, directing his teammates to be in the best position for them to succeed and leading his team to their first win of the season.
This year, the Men’s Soccer Team has great expectations this season.

“If we just keep working hard and stay as a unit, it will be very difficult to beat us,” said Gorszezaryk.

To see the Men’s Soccer Team play this season, visit the athletics section of BC’s website to see the full schedule.