Transportation to campus made easier with new partnership

Bella Riccitelli

Sports Editor

Broward College is constantly kickstarting new ideas that will help better the experience of college for its students.

Getting to and from the three campuses of BC that are scattered across Broward County has just been made easier.

To start the Fall Semester, BC announced a new program to help students get to classes at BC’s various campuses in an easier manner.

The Broward College and Lyft Ride Smart Program offers eligible BC students the opportunity to ride share, with a fixed amount credited already.

Prior to BC’s Fall semester starting, eligible students received an email in their student emails, where they were given a student activation link.

According to Caleb Cornelius, Senior Associate Vice President of Student Financial Services, students attending North, South and Central Campus will be picked up and dropped off at the college campuses.

“We are hoping this program will help students get to class, encourage them to take courses at other campuses and ultimately help them be successful in the classroom,” said Cornelius.

The Broward College and Lyft Ride Smart Program is starting off with a pilot program that will last 18 weeks.

In the month that it has been active, the Broward College and Lyft Ride Smart program has given over 1,000 students a ride to their designated campuses across Broward County, according to Cornelius.

Although BC has partnered with this ride sharing program, public transportation will still be in partnership with BC.

“I used to use the city bus to get from campus to campus, but after I found out about Lyft being an option, I started using that and it’s made my life a lot simpler,” said BC student Ashley Glynn.

Currently, students who are eligible to use this ride sharing program will be automatically credited $6, $11 and $13 depending on the distance that needs to be traveled.

Then, students will be responsible to pay the remaining amount.

“In our conversations with students, they often share concerns regarding the impact that the lack of transportation has on their ability to take classes that could expedite their ability to complete coursework, graduate and move on to the workforce or university,” said BC President, Gregory Adam Haile, Esq.

“We are always in search of ways to eliminate barriers that have affected student success. Our partnership with Lyft will offer a safe and affordable option while addressing one of the greatest challenges for our students.”

With the help of BC partnering with Lyft, students who rely on an unstable form of transportation are now given the opportunity to get to their classes without worrying as much.

If students are registered for classes on the same day that take place on multiple BC campuses, they are eligible to use this ride share offer.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Lyft and we hope this program is wildly successful in providing student affordable and reliable transportation between campuses,” said Cornelius.

“At Broward College, we are continuously seeking innovative ways to provide new services to our students. The Broward College and Lyft Ride Smart program does that by partnering with one of the world leaders in ridesharing.”

Students who did not recieve an email regarding their eligibilty for Broward College and Lyft Ride Smart Program can email Diana Hargis to request to be added to the list.

Hargis can be reached at

Photo: Broward College student utilizing Lyft services offered to students. Lauryn Barnes/The Observer