Ready or Not: here comes the bride

Michelle Castano



As summer comes to and end and fall commences, along come the PSL’s (pumpkin spiced lattes), the bordeaux toned wardrobes and scary movies. Out of left field, this movie titled “Ready or Not” premiered prior to Labor Day, marking the start to a killer lineup of slasher films.

Ready or Not scored an 87 percent on in which they state that this flick is smart, subversive, and darkly funny; moreover R.O.N. is a crowd-pleasing horror film with a giddily entertaining bite.

The movie stars Adam Brody (from the O.C.), Samara Weaving (from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Mark O’Brien (from Arrival) and Andie MacDowell (from Groundhog Day).

Weaving’s character, Grace is engaged to be married to O’Brien’s character, Alex Le Domas. Alex hails from a wealthy family who has made their fortune on manufacturing boardgames. Once married, it is customary for the bride/groom who marries into the Le Domas dominium to play a game on their wedding night. Grace draws a card that says “hide and seek.” Already upset that she has to spend her wedding night playing hide and seek, she is forced to hide; however, she quickly discovers that she is being hunted by the family.

Much like the 1920’s short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” which was eventually banned from most high schools in the U.S., Ready or Not has a similar concept.. Kill or be killed; be the prey or become the hunter. Giving a nod to literature, I was reminded of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None,” in fact, with Adam Brody’s character, Daniel Le Domas saying the famous words “and then there were none” once all the maids were gruesomely murdered.

The R.O.N. movie poster gave a nod to the movie and board game, “Clue,” the famous murder mystery game. Was it the butler in the study with the candlelight holder? Well, not necessarily, but due to a pact with the Mr. Le Bail (the devil), if the family does not kill Grace by dawn, everyone in the Le Domas clan dies.

Without giving out too many [spoilers], I found this movie terrifying and hilarious at the same time. The writing within the film was witty and kept me laughing. There was an instance where one relative was given a crossbow and didn’t know how to use the deadly device. He did what anyone would do in a pinch.. Look at YouTube tutorials.

With any family, you see different idiosyncrasies including the peevish elder aunt, the untrustworthy brother (who can either turn on the bride or help her), the loving matriarch, the sister who needs to get her act together, and the stern father who is head of the family. Grace, coming from a foster care past, is initially thrilled to marry into a family, although the Le Domas’ appear to be eccentric.

Rolling Stone magazine stated that the film was “Bridesmaids meets The Purge.” Gory in all the right places, we see goats in a barn (satanic reference), Grace fall into a ditch which is  full of Le Domas victims and a cat and mouse game with the family’s loyal butler. We have all heard of terrible in-laws, but Le Domas’ take the cake.

Will Grace survive her wedding night? You would have to watch to find out.
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