Former soccer coach takes on position as Athletics Director pic

Bella Riccitelli

Sports Editor

Coaching is something that Michael Goodrich, Broward College’s Athletics Director, has always been passionate about

Growing up playing soccer, Goodrich always had a coach in his life. Getting a jump start on his coaching career, Goodrich was presented with the opportunity to give back and finally become a coach himself.

While growing up, being a part of a team is what made Goodrich realize and appreciate the importance that is behind coaching.

“I actually started coaching when I was 16. It was for a youth team. I felt like I owed a debt,” said Goodrich.

As a child, Goodrich was involved in soccer. Continuing his passion for the sport, he played soccer in high school and then again in college when he attended Stetson University, which is located in Deland, Florida.

While living in Deland, Goodrich began coaching for the local high school soccer team.

Since then, Goodrich has come a long way. Not only in the coaching world, but in the athletics world as a whole.

After working tirelessly as the women’s soccer coach for BC since 2015, Goodrich was presented with yet another opportunity: Working as the Atheltics Director.

Replacing Robert Deutschman, who worked as the Athletics Director for BC for many years, Goodrich has an optimistic and strong feeling about his new position.

“I thought I could possibly help,” said Goodrich.

Working as athletics director, Goodrich is faced with lots of new obstacles, responsibilities and different tasks than when he was working as the women’s soccer coach.

Although both jobs are full-time positions, both are filled with completely different workloads.

Generally speaking, Goodrich now oversees any and all aspects concerning the Atheltics Department at BC.

However, the students are still the number one factor in achieving full potential as the Athletics Director.

“The students – I want to emphasize on the students,” said Goodrich.

“My goal is to focus on the students. Our goal is that every one of them either graduates from Broward College or gets signed to a four-year school, if that is something that they want. We also want them to develop time-management skills if they haven’t already.”

Neil Cohen, Associate Vice Provost for Student Life and Ombudsperson for BC, admires how hard the student athletes work and believes Goodrich will keep this trend going.

“We want our student athletes to be successful in three specific areas; academics, in the community and in their competetive arenas,” said Cohen.

“This will require them to develop the life skills of balance and time management. We expect the student athletes to be ambassadors of Broward College throughout the South Florida community as well as the entire state of Florida.”

BC has a strong, well-respected Athletics Department. The numbers are statistically high, and their players often move on to bigger opportunities upon graduation.

After graduation from BC, there are many sutdents who once played sports for the college who are now playing for a professional league.

According to BC’s website, some notable student athletes alumni include Lee Wheat, who plays for a Major League Baseball team and Greg Samuel, who plays for the United States of America National Basketball team.

The path between playing at BC and continuing to grow and prosper as an athlete and person is something that Goodrich hopes to continue.

Photo: Michael Goodrich prepares paperwork for a coach. Bella Riccitelli/The Observer