Attending college sports games shows support, encourages athletes

Bella Riccitelli

Sports Editor

Sports are not for everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Let’s be honest. As Sports Editor, I definitely click past all of the sports channels when I’m looking for something to watch.

If I am at a restaurant, I would rather listen to a baby cry instead of seeing grown men jump while they scream and yell at whatever sports event is on TV.

It is hot in Florida. There are a million ways I would want to spend my free time, none of those include sitting outside in the heat.

While considering all of these factors, possibly the most important one is this: How hard do those athletes work, on a day-to-day basis?

The answer is simple – Harder than you could ever imagine.

Think about how hard you work as a student, right now.

You go to class. It is probably safe to assume that you are taking two or more classes, your days already sound pretty full.

Aside from actually being physically present in class, you can’t forget being mentally present as well.

Paying attention is exhausting enough.

Going home, studying, and doing homework? Chances are your classes are half online, so don’t forget about your quizzes, too.

That is a lot.

Now imagine going to practice probably every day.

You have to keep practicing because you have a big game coming up. Too tired? You still have to go and you have to give it your all, every single time.

Going to your school’s sports games is more important than you could ever fathom, unless you are  a student athlete yourself.

Each student athlete gives their all for each game that is planned  for them on their sports team’s schedule.

Maybe by this point, you are convinced.

Going to a sports game might sound like fun to you, or maybe it is just something you would want to try doing for the sake of showing encouragement to the students who play for your school’s sports teams.

You want to support your school and your fellow peers by going to a sports game. That’s great.

If not, don’t worry.

Honestly, I don’t really care much for any sports.

When I was in high school, I attended my first school football game.

As a senior, I remember sitting on the bleachers, watching everyone get excited, screaming and keeping their eyes glued to the field.

I was probably asking the person next to me how much longer was left so I could go home and finish catching up on my shows.

However, and probably my most important point of this whole story is that I remember once it was over, I knew I had a good time.

It’s fun to get out there, support your school and feel the spirit in the air.

By the time I started to attend college, I couldn’t wait to go to the games and support my school.

At first, I definitely had no idea what was going on.

So if you’re like me and you can’t keep up with the game no matter what, don’t feel bad. That’s normal.

Besides, what’s better than seeing hard work getting paid off?

These people put themselves through so much – physically, mentally and emotionally – and they still perform, play and do their best. Which is pretty incredible.

If you’re interested in attending a sports game for BC (you totally should,) visit their website and go to the athletics tab, where all sports schedules are posted.
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