Coming to Broward College: Civil rights organization, the NAACP

Thandie Brown

South Bureau Chief


Broward College South Campus should be expecting new and exciting events this Fall semester. From Student Life’s activities to events hosted by our on-campus clubs, being uninvolved is being unaware.

A new addition to our location is a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Youth & College Division Chapter sponsored by, Dr. Robert Morris, a History professor for the Social & Behavioral Sciences Department. With other Universities like University of Miami and Florida Memorial University also hosting chapters like this one, Dr. Morris, a Lifetime Member, emphasizes the opportunity of students becoming more involved in the community.

NAACP is an organization that says, “[it envisions] a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.”

As the oldest civil rights organization in the country, recently turned 110-years old, this organization has been involved in notable historical events. One as large as the recognition of African-American soldier ranks in WWI to a smaller event like issuing a statement of support for K. Campbell, the young woman whose SAT scores were allegedly questioned for fraud in January 2019. The Youth & College Division support the vision of the NAACP by emphasizing that this division, “[develops] a new generation of civil rights and community leaders.”

Exclusively located on South Campus, but inclusive to the entire College, students wondering how they’re able to contribute to the club’s interests just need to, “come with the will to get involved and create change,” Morris said.

With intentions to not only be involved here at BC, but also as part of the South Florida community, Morris highlights that our chapter would be pioneering the Youth Chapter for Broward County. We would also interact with other Youth & College Division chapters from all over the state.

The first meeting will be announced for the end of September and include an overview of the goals of the club and of the students. There is a basic membership fee of $15 for the NAACP Youth & College Division and with that students from every background are included in events and initiatives that go beyond Broward College.

They can also look forward to a movie screening with the club on Oct. 28th. The film, Marshall, is featured to help celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Case, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954).

Committees like Health, Civic Engagement, Education, Housing, and other individualized areas will be available for BC students to join if interested. Any form of service that fits an individual’s definition of giving back is open for discussion and Morris suggests finding a niche and working on it.

Mid-September, the club will be set-up for Club Rush and in the meantime, a quick contemplation of what creates lifetime leaders of whom creates lifetime learners may be in order.

“My responsibility is to pass the torch onto the next generation,” Morris also said.

Heavily involved in the concerns of the community, he is a member of many organizations. From Phi Beta Sigma Inc. Fraternity to the Color of Change, League of Women Voters, Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and founder of a non-profit, South Florida Village, Dr Morris is a professor of many resources.

For more information, follow @naacp_youngadults and/or @miami_dade_naacp on IG, visit, or email Dr. Morris at for any other club concerns.

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