Sweet Valentine: BC’s game show and love panel

Anabel Sanchez

Online Editor

Just after midday on February 14, BC students were treated to a special Valentine’s Day event.

 Organized by BC’s Psychology Club and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in association with Kappa Delta Pi, the Valentine’s Day Game Show & Love Panel event featured a couples’ competition and an organized panel discussing sex, love, and relationships.

The occasion offered the opportunity for enjoyment as well as extra credit for students in various classes whose professors participated.

Psychology Club member and VP of events, Vanessa Guzman stated, “One of the reasons I think the events are so important is that they provide the chance to talk to people, not just attend the event. You get to know other students and other leaders.”

The affair opened with the couples’ quiz competition, in which couples who signed up competed for special prizes.

 In round one, the male partners were led off stage and their female partners were quizzed first. Questions such as “Where was your first kiss?” and “What does your partner do that bothers you the most?” were asked. By the time the first round ended, two out of four couples were tied with 15 points.

In round two, the guys were asked questions first, while their female partners were led away. One of the most memorable questions was, “In what month did you meet your partner?” The men stumbled on this question causing a wave of laughter through the crowd. 

Ultimately, while one couple won the final prize, all the couples walked away with gifts. When the quiz ended, the love panel followed. Hosted by the VP of Kappa Delta Pi, Tali Kahalon, it featured an engaging discussion with Dr. Robert Gallagher, Dr. Sammy Rastagh and club members Andrew, Korina, Khaleb, and Tamiyah.

The loaded question, “What are your feelings about being in an open relationship or polygamy?” kicked off the discussion. All the panel guests gave thoughtful responses, while Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Rastagh gave educated advice and statistics.

Tamiyah bluntly replied, “I’m not sharing what I got,” to the amusement of the audience.

The balance of diverse panelists and responses is what makes these events entertaining.

Further questions that were explored included what defines cheating, what the difference is between talking and dating, what is considered sex, how does one communicate to your partners when you are sexually unsatisfied, and how does one know when to move in with their partner.

This direct and honest style of conversation is the type of engagement many educators at BC seek with students.

Dr. Gallagher, a sociology professor at BC South and 2018 Professor of the Year said, “One of the reasons a discussion like this is so important is that numbers suggest the most common place college students get their information about sex is through their parents or through porn. A lot of times that is inaccurate information.”

He added, “Getting accurate information about ways to prevent pregnancy, how to prevent STIs, and how to be a better lover and a better partner and how to resolve differences with your partner from a research perspective, is critically important.”

Both the GSA and the Psychology Club hold several events throughout the year, including the Art of the Drag show and the Women in Distress events. Check in Student Life to catch this month’s events schedule to see which ones are coming up next. 


Photo: Valentine’s Day game show and love panel at South Campus PCAT. Anabel Sanchez/The Observer