BC President Hail gets real during Real Talk event

Daniela Jaramillo


Broward College President Gregory Adam Haile, Esq.hosted Real Talk recently on South Campus as a way for students to get direct access to him. 

The event was held in an informal setting to help foster an atmosphere in which students can freely share feedback about their experience at the College.

“The most important thing is to focus on what you can control. One of the things that I realized even though I didn’t have a lot of connections, or people to call, I knew I could control how hard I worked. So I focused on working as hard as I possibly could, study as hard as I possibly could, not doing things that weren’t going to support my own success. Be very disciplined. If you can be disciplined and work,  it is very hard to beat that,” said Haile during the   event.

 “I learn about folks that are trying to make a difference in their lives. There is something inspirational about how people want to make their lives better. And the greatest thing that I would ever do is to help others become better versions of themselves. That is what we do here,“ he said.

The next Real Talk will be Feb. 28 on North and March 19 on Central.

Photo: President Haile talks to individual students during the Real Talk event on South Campus. Daniela Jaramillo/The Observer