Needed STAT: All the details of Grey’s Anatomy season 15

Jacqueline Michaud

South Bureau Chief

For all of the fans of the blood-rushing, heart-thumping and addicting ABC television series Grey’s Anatomy, there has no doubtedly been the infamous question of when the series would finally air Season 15, Episode 9?

After leaving everyone on a nerve-wrecking cliff hanger, viewers around the globe will be happy to know that as of Jan.  17, Grey’s has returned. With even more sexy scandal, heart-wrenching drama, and of course, surgery, all can be assured that the Winter premier of Episode 9: “Shelter from the Storm” has been well worth the anxious wait. Before diving in, let’s recap the Fall finale, Episode 8, “Blowin’ in the Wind”. WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

Beginning with Richard being picked up from spending a night in jail and a rising wind storm brewing throughout Seattle, the episode first explores the painful truth of the team’s personal strife. Maggie divulges to Meredith about her relationship with Jackson and not knowing where they stand, Miranda and Ben are no longer living together, with Miranda being on a “sabbatical” and all, Alex and Jo are stuck inside their house due to the harsh winds of the storm, using the time alone together as a “second honeymoon,” Owen and Amelia reunite with their daughter Betty, and Teddy finally admits to Owen that she is pregnant with his child.

As for Meredith, always the backbone of the group, is inspired by transplant patient Cece to find love and accepts Lincoln’s offer for drinks. In an interesting twist, DeLuca confesses his feelings for her, much to the audiences’ delight.  All the while, the wind storm continues wreaking havoc at Grey Sloan and causes the hospital to become inundated with patients and leads us to THE power outage of all television power outages. 

Grey’s rollercoaster ride of emotional storm and wind continues into the season Premier, with suspense at an all-time high, leaving viewers dying to know what is next. So… in the midst of surgical mayhem and power outages- Amelia discovers that Teddy is pregnant with Owen’s child, Meredith and DeLuca have a heart-warming moment while they are trapped in the elevator together, Maggie tells Jackson of his mother’s aggressive spinal tumor, Miranda does her best to stay calm in the middle of complete pandemonium, and our beloved Cece dies during her transplant surgery, ultimately keeping her promise to “haunt” Meredith until she agrees to find love. 

Richard, still having not heard from Catherine, seems to take the role of a sponsor for the drug-seeking Betty. Given the barbaric state of not having surgical materials, Owen uses a license plate that has penetrated a patient as a life saving device inside a non-moving elevator. To add a little more fuel to the fire, Grey Sloan’s electrician almost loses both legs while attempting to escape an improperly working elevator. Nothing short of thrilling and surprising, Shonda Rhimes continues to entertain and leave fans wanting more. 

Grey’s Anatomy,  who renewed for its 15th season in April 2018, is the longest-running primetime drama in ABC’s history.

According to Digital Spy, Grey’s remains one of the networks top-rated series. A drama series making history, leading actress Ellen Pompeo signed a two year deal during its renewal, potentially bringing fans around the world a 16th season. One can only hope! For those who want to catch up on previous seasons or even watch it for the first time, Grey’s seasons 1-14 are available for streaming on Netflix. All of the current season can be watched on Hulu, with the most recent episodes becoming available the day after they air on NBC.