Top 5 Halloween Movies

Elliot Tritto

Staff Writer


As your eyes wander downward, you’ll see the bone-chilling, frightening and oozing delight of Halloween’s greatest tales. As we see blood, sweat and paranoia, we see into the minds of these victims in which they dare face these iconic villains. Can you handle the suspense? If you can, grab your trick or treat bag, chainsaw and hockey mask and we’ll see if you’ll survive.

In this 1998 psychological thriller, strangers from all walks of life are forced to work together to escape the colossal maze inside of a mechanical cube. What the audience should observe is all of the victims’ quirks, strengths and purpose in life. At the end, you have a very underrated telling of how isolation can resort to a bad case of paranoia. 8/10.

C’mon. It’s no shock as to why this classic villain is on this list. As a fan of the classic Universal Dark Monsters, we have to pick the one that started it all. In this 1931 classic horror picture, a real estate agent accidentally encounters the House of Dracula in Transylvania. It’s great to look back at classic movies and see how movies have changed. 9/10.

No, not the new one, the OG. No one can redo this fully engaging story of an escaped serial killer returning to his hometown. The creeping noises, the music and overall cinematography keeps you on the edge of your seat. 9.5/10.

The only movie where my parent’s generation have admitted to have gone to the bathroom in their pants. That’s how effective the horror factor is in William Friedkin’s psychological thriller. In 1973, the world was introduced to a story about a young girl who gets possessed by the devil. Oh boy, just watch this movie and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 9.5/10.

In 1960, Alfred Hitchcock forever changed both the horror genre and the industry by having a small movie about the mind of the insane. We see Norman Bates run a small motel and all changes when a beautiful woman stays there. An energetic thrill ride that all can enjoy. 10/10.