Let’s talk about claws: two options for long lasting manicures

Stephanie Sylvester



Beauty is becoming increasingly innovative as society advances. One distinctive element of beauty that has revolutionized and sored beyond your average dreams are nails. Nail materials, designs, and styles have taken on a creative futuristic look lately. Women are now confronted with an abundance of nail choices to get a style that not only looks better but lasts longer. One “claw” trend currently spurring in the fashion world is gel nails versus dip powder nails.

Gel nails are notorious for lasting longer compared to regular nail polish. The finish is clean, shiny, and strong to prevent fading or breaking. Not only are they known for lasting longer, but they dry much faster (before you even leave the nail shop). You can get gel polish on your natural nails for a simple natural manicure to promote natural nail growth or you can get them on top of your acrylic nails to make the polish shinier and last longer.

Dip powder nails are swiftly making a name in the nail world as they become increasingly common and most importantly creative! Dip powder is colored acrylic powder that is applied just like the regular clear white acrylic powder. It creates an illusion of polish while still giving you a polished look. A very common design that has been done with this magic dust are the ombré effects. This is where two (sometimes three or more) colors are on the nail and they look like they are transitioning into each other (sometimes to look like a gradient too). A clear top coat is added after the powder is applied and then you insert your hands into the Ultraviolet light dryer to perfect the look.

I have recently tried the dip powder material with a sparkly nude to white ombré French manicure look before going on vacation to New York. So far, I have had them for a week and there has been no fading or breakage. I love the look they hold up even after a week as opposed to gel which may show a slight change in color quality within a week. Before trying dip powder, I would always get gel polish because I loved the look and I am too clumsy to get regular polish and wait for them to dry. When getting gel polish, I had experience with the polish peeling along the sides within a week. With dip powder nails, you won’t experience this at all because the “polish” is engraved in your nails.

Ladies, try out both when you go to the nail shop to determine what you like better, but I highly suggest the dip powder. You can produce any look you please, they last long, they do not fade, and most importantly they are fashionable and gorgeous just like you all.

Photo info: gel nails and dip powder, are two ways to have a lasting manicure. Stephanie Sylvester/The Observer