All Haile BC’s New President

BC President Greg Haile

Stephanie Sylvester


Former Attorney General and Vice President for Public Policy and Government Affairs, Greg Adam Haile, can now be known as our new president from now on. In May of 2018, Haile’s life changed as the Board of Trustees entrusted him with the biggest job at Broward College: to be the face of Broward College promoting growth, community development and most importantly student success.

Haile started his journey at Broward College on September 12, 2011 and has become one of the greatest pillars that holds Broward College to its standards of excellence. When Haile was running for president, he expressed great vulnerability and transparency while campaigning and during his seminars.

He was never afraid to describe his challenging background including where his mother had to use a different address to send him to a better school in a neighboring city. He also talked about his fist time hearing about college in sixth grade through a friend who was more well-off in a conversation about graduation dates. As a first-generation college student, President Haile’s passion for education stems from the opportunities he received despite him coming from a neighborhood full of violence, drugs and lack of education.

Haile found out on an early morning in May that he won the presidency and was immediately overwhelmed with emotion. “I think one of the most powerful parts of it was realizing that these members of the community had placed their trust in me and that was a very powerful and humbling moment,” he said, explaining his experience while holding back tears of joy.

Haile had no idea who was rooting for him in his presidency and it was amazing to him to find out the support he had when all he did was work hard and do what he loved for BC. He also describes his wife, Shay, as being extremely supportive and just as excited as he was for the unique opportunity for him to become president of BC.

When asked about how he felt being the first black president in BC’s history, Haile said that it wasn’t a factor he considered greatly, but he knew others did. A man approached him upon learning he was the president, hugged him and was very emotional. Haile said humbly, “it was one of these things where he said a few words and then I knew what it meant to him and what it might mean for others.”

Haile constantly emphasizes that he has an “open-door policy” where no one should ever be afraid to ask him anything or come to him with any concerns because that is the only way change is going to occur.

His presidency officially started July 1, so he has not had much experience in the presidential position yet, but one thing he emphasizes is that what he has been doing so far and will continue doing is listening. “One thing I didn’t want to do is I never wanted to take for granted because I’ve been here since 2011 that I know all there is– I don’t,” said Haile regarding his campaign and future presidential endeavors. Because of this, he plans to hold forums this fall where students can attend and talk to him directly about any issues they want addressed. More projects are stirring in the pot for this fall to improve student engagement and success.

In his spare time, he loves to play handball. He also takes fitness very seriously as he runs 3 miles every morning. On the weekends, he takes his 6-year old and 3-year old daughters, Hadley and Sloan, to the park, the beach and even Broward College events like the Buehler Planetarium reopening at Central Campus. Haile brings his daughters to college campuses to ensure that they are familiar with that option as a pathway to success.

President Haile defines BC as “an institution that serves everybody, focused on making sure that every single community knows of its opportunities to pursue success through education.” Haile wants to see BC develop a stronger focus on making higher education an option for everyone because there are still people out there who are not aware that college is even an option for them. This job not only falls on the president, but also everyone on and off campus to make a positive impact on promoting growth, spreading awareness, reaching out and to never stop educating and getting educated.