Austin Mahone, Madison Beer, Backstrret Boys Rock LIV Nightclub

The Backstreet Boys

By Doris Pace

Staff Writer

Hours before the doors opened the line was wrapped around the club entrance for the all-ages show at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida. Madison Beer, an Instagram sensation and newcomer to the music world, was the opening act for the night’s show, followed by Austin Mahone who took a break from his Japanese tour and set the crowd up for the main act, The Backstreet Boys.

Before any artists took the stage, the DJ prepared the crowd for what was to be a fun, exploratory and nostalgic night. The music was loud, the lights were dim and the special effects lit up the walls, the stairs and the stage. The crowd was pumped as the DJ played the top hits of the moment.

As soon as Mack from Y100 hit the stage, the crowd went wild with both girls and women of all ages screaming at the top of their lungs eagerly awaiting the real music to begin.

Madison Beer took the stage first.

At only 18 with over 10 million Instagram followers, if you don’t know her yet, you will.

Beer performed a short set but worked the stage like someone who has been doing this her whole life. Her vocal range was impressive and the music made you dance.

She was the perfect way to start the show and a great segway to Austin Mahone.

Even before Mahone came on stage, fans were screaming his name.

Mahone came into the club through the side entrance near the crowd and there was no mistaking his time of arrival. Phones came up, flashes went off and I was close enough to touch Mahone.

He turned to the crowd and smiled; the girls went into a screaming frenzy and Mahone was ready to take the stage.

A mix of R&B, pop, electronic dance and some guitar riffs made the Austin Mahone experience infectious. Mahone worked the stage jumping and dancing around with moves that seemed inspired by Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. It was music that anyone could enjoy. By the time of his last song the whole crowd was moving.

I was not a fan before, but by the end of his set I was ready to stream all his songs.

As Mahone left the stage, the DJ knew it was time to give the fans what they wanted. Music to relive the 90s. Aaliyah, Oasis and even the Friends theme was on the playlist. The audience sang along to every word of every song. The music was drowned out by the singing crowd. The 90s was alive and strong at LIV this night.

And finally the time had come. The fans that were here for Beer and Mahone left the crowd but more BSB fans swarmed the floor. The ladies now in their late 20s and 30s were screaming just as loud as they did back when BSB were at the height of their fame. Everyone in the building was in a nostalgic trance, energy filled the room bouncing back in the form of screams and signs held up with the Boys’, now men’s faces on giant signs.

As soon as the group took the stage, the crowd was in a trance. They performed hit after hit and every time the crowd’s voices seemed to mute out the performers. A loyal fan base of over 20 years was still as passionate today as they were back in 2000. By the time the boys performed their new single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” it was clear the love for the boys never faded. Once again, the crowd yelled along to every word in the song.

Did The Backstreet Boys ever leave the spotlight? Were they ever really just a nostalgic topic of conversation?

By the looks of the crowd I have to say no. The boys survived decade after decade as the only boy band to come out of the 90s and today they seem to be garnering more attention and a new generation of fans.

Rumors are circling of a new album along with a new tour. But if you need your fix today you can always catch them at their Las Vegas residency.