Film student Julian Morales selected for Hollywood Florida Film Festival

Hollywood Florida Film Festival 2018

Louren Mcintosh

Managing Editor

For many, filming is a fun hobby, but for this Broward College student, it is a passion.

Julian Morales, a film student at BC, has been working hard on his new sci-fi film. 

The film is called “Imperium” and revolves around an inventor who is forced by an evil company to build a new pleasure robot. 

“The most obvious inspiration is both the original, and the sequel of Blade runner,” said Morales.

“Another inspiration which inspired the genesis of the story was Ex-Machina by Alex Garland. There’s a particular character in the film, which was a pleasure robot also, and I figured this could be an interesting dark story, that focuses on this particular character.”

Morales and his cast were filming for three nights at the Lexus dealership by 441.

“The nights were long, excruciating,” said a member of Morales film crew, Miles Pena.

Pena plays the antagonist in the film, while also helping Morales write the script.

“I just asked my best friends to star in it because there is no one I would rather do my first independent film with. A couple nights, I would hit a road block and we would just talk, giving each other ideas,” said Morales.

But the hard work has paid off, as he was selected to be in a film festival to debut his new film.

He submitted his film on the website, “,” which is a hub for film festivals. He received an email a little over 2 weeks later notifying him he had made it in to the Hollywood Florida Film Festival, which is held from February 7- 11.

“I was extremely excited, and I was bouncing off the walls,” said Morales.

Morales is enrolled in the film program at the Broward College, Davie Campus. 

When first entering the program, he wasn’t quite sure of where he wanted to take his passion for film. He started off writing reviews for movies, but slowly gravitated towards producing and directing.

“I realized I liked writing and directing, I came up with a good film that had its own voice and a good story. That’s when I decided, I want to do this.”

“Directing can cause some stress, but when you get done editing everything, it makes all of the stress worth it.”

Morales has been filming since 2016 and is currently working on his AA degree. He plans on pursuing a film program in the future at an undecided university.

“Imperium,” was shown in the Hollywood Florida Film festival on February 8, 2018 in “Block 2a for short films.”

You can watch Morales’ films, including “Imperium,” at his YouTube channel, Julian Morales.