Broward College’s Literary & Arts Magazine releases Fall issue

Panku magazines

Sara Varela


After a successful state conference, where they took home 22 awards, P’an Ku released its 54th issue.

The magazine hosted a release party to honor the featured artists. Family and friends joined on the celebration to hear from the painters, photographers and writers whose work made it into P’an Ku.

Editor-in-chief Mirjam Frosth gave a quick introduction about the issue, talking about the vision behind it and how the art selection process took place.

She also thanked everyone who submitted and all the staff of the magazine for the work they put in throughout the semester.

Artists were excited and many of them were suprised to see their work printed for the first time in their careers.

“Knowing that someone saw and appreciated my art enough to put it in a magazine motivates me to keep on going and get better at it,” said Chaney Hewlett, whose aerial photography can be found on the magazine.

Frosth shared that before becoming editor of P’an Ku, she submitted her work and it was thanks to that moment that she decided to join the staff.

“For me, submitting and getting published became a turning point in my life,” said Frosth. “I realized that my voice mattered. So by encouraging people to submit to P’an Ku, we are encouraging them to speak up and tell us what they think.”