Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese dazzled fans at the Fillmore in Miami

Javier Morin

Entertainment Editor

It seems Miami got a good, long look at Dita Von Teese early this September, as the Queen of Burlesque herself performed at the Fillmore in Miami Beach.

Along with her own set of acts, she has recruited an entire posse of guest performers for her “The Art of the Teese” tour, featuring some well-known performers, as well as some very worthy upcoming acts.

With this show, Dita promised new incarnations of some of her classic routines, along with some new material and a variety of different performance styles, courtesy of her gracious guests.

The Art of the Teese was definitely something worth checking out, not only for dedicated fans of Dita, but also for those looking to experience a vintage piece of English and American history with new life breathed into it.

As was expected, the spectacle delivered a healthy dose of Dita. The show mostly consisted of performances by the Queen herself, including (but not limited to) her giant champagne glass routine, a rehashed version of her classic Rhinestone Cowgirl, and an act titled “A Night In,” which was originally performed by Marilyn Monroe in the film There’s No Business Like Show Business.

Alongside Dita were, as previously mentioned, an entire cast of guest acts, the first of which was Ginger Valentine: a YouTube famous Texan burlesque artist who gracefully tackled one of Von Teese’s well-known acts, “My Heart Belongs to Daddy.” The next was Zelia Rose, an Australian performer with a killer fappler routine, guaranteed to take you back to 1920. Along for the ride was the “King of Boylesque,” Jett Adore, with a Spanish bullfighter act that knocked the audience dead.

The most anticipated guest, however, was RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 winner Violet Chachki, carrying Mama Ru’s blessing with an act based on the song Art Deco, from Lana Del Rey’s 2015 album, Honeymoon. To be quite frank, the Art of the Teese’s lineup felt like Burlesque Woodstock.

To say we got our money’s worth would be an understatement, as it is clear that Von Teese and her crew put their hearts and souls into the show. Sensualities aside, The Art of the Teese was a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging anywhere from amusement and suspense to flat-out unadulterated humor.

I didn’t know what exactly to expect, but it certainly wasn’t anything like the host breaking out in song and attempting to seduce the audience, or an actual marriage proposal occurring onstage.

Whatever was happening in that theater, you just couldn’t take your eyes off of it. Every performer’s act every bit as breathtaking as it was steamy, and their level of showmanship was sharp enough to cut through the thick cloud of laughter and sexual tension that engulfed the entire audience.

Everything from the stage props and decorations to the host’s personality was vibrant and exploding with color.

Dita Von Teese herself has gone on record to say her shows are comprised of “the very best of modern burlesque performers,” and that’s no joke, as her Art of the Teese was absolutely exquisite.