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College Academy at Broward College has many benefits

Melaina Lawrence Staff Writer   Broward College is home to many gems. Among them, is College Academy. Full of bright and resourceful students, the small population interacts with the college’s staff, professors and organizations in an enriching and mutually beneficial connection.   Because College Academy caters to students who want to be academically challenged, some have shied away. Elvis Rodriguez, now College

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Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs Available at Broward College

Gabriella Small Editor-in-Chief Entering the job field after college tends to be a difficult feat for graduates regardless of their majors. Many do not have solid plans for the future after college, and some believe that they do not have a chance in the workforce at all. Broward College’s Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship program seeks to ease the college-to-workforce road and

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International Partnerships- The Center for Global Education Allows Lima, Peru Residents toStudy in Broward College without Leaving the Country

Alessandra Claro Staff Writer As a community college, Broward College has various international partners from around the world. This college’s international partners include the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The Center for Global Education (CGE) program for Peru was approved by SACSCOC in 2010. In 2021, Broward College stood among the

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Broward College Marketplace provides for students with necessities

Ryan Marin Central-Bureau-Chief At this time, many students may be struggling to pay for their basic food and hygiene needs. Sixty-one percent of Broward College students are suffering from some form of food insecurity, according to Gregory Adam Haile, President of Broward College, as said in a video on the BC website. Figuring out how to eat every day is

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Students get hands-on experience at the Observer newspaper

Scarlett Valencia Pulido Online Editor   If you like writing, photography, graphic design, or page layout, you will definitely find something to do at The Observer. And, fun fact, you can work across all of them if you have various interests.   The Observer is Broward College’s bi-monthly newspaper. It gives students the opportunity to express themselves, share their thoughts, and  inform students

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