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College Scholarships at BC are Numerous and Money-Saving

Marquis Grant – Staff Writer Finances in college and university are often important and can be a challenge for students to manage. Scholarships often provide access for many students to attend a higher education institution. Many students may not know that they are still able to apply for and receive scholarships after acceptance and while attending a college or university.

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Broward’s Honors College Gives Serious Students Serious Benefits

Gabriella Small – Layout Editor Many students at Broward College are diligent, hard workers who come from many walks of life and juggle the hardships of everyday life with their studies. Some students, however, want to spice up their academic life by adding in an extra challenge that can test their learning abilities to the limits. Broward’s Honors College comes

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Remote Internships, Can They Actually Work?

Jessica Kladerman – Editor-in-Chief In the highly competitive world of fashion internships, the experience you can gain from working for a fashion company is instrumental in your developing portfolio. I applied for several positions on LinkedIn completely shooting in the dark. I never thought in a million years I would hear back from one of the first interning programs I

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Making It in Entertainment: Internship Edition

Megan Vineberg – Contributing Writer Anything worth having does not come easy, as they say. Ask any student today in music business with the goal of going into live music touring within the hospitality industry, or those in entertainment management. Music is not something that necessarily requires a degree, and yet a lot of positions in the industry on the

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Space Jam: A New Legacy – Was It Worth the Wait?

Colette Tamburini – Staff Writer Welcome back to the Space Jam! Summer’s latest hit movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, came out on the HBOMax streaming service July 16. After 25 years of the first Space Jam film, the highly anticipated follow-up now stars successful basketball player LeBron James alongside the classic Looney Tunes crew. But with all the mixed reviews

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