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Love in the time of Corona

Renee Darbonne North Bureau Chief As the threat of COVID-19 becomes more imminent nearly every state is requiring its residents to remain inside and practice social distancing. As time progresses, people around the nation are getting more frustrated from staying inside. Dating is difficult within itself and trying to find love during a time of quarantine has made it come

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Environmental symposium focuses on water

Renn Darbonne North Bureau Chief Each year The Social Science Club at North Campus presents an environmental symposium that gives students at Broward College the opportunity to meet and work with agencies that are key players in the fight to develop and implement various environmental policies. Students that attend the panel discussions are able to have a deeper understanding and

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Village Square: The Ins and Outs of Realty

Thandie Brown Online Editor 2020’s Village Square was a 180 of the last forum Broward College participated in. Moderated by Brian Bandell Senior Reporter with the South Florida Business Journal, Bandell kept the night positive and informative. The evening was paneled by, Kyle Jones of State Public Affairs NAIOP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association) and Susan L. Trevarthen of Member

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What are political primaries and what they mean for voters

Erick Mendez Staff Writer Political Primaries are contests that take place at more than one point of election year before November. A Presidential Primary is an election that narrows down which candidate running for the oval office directly from a group of multiple people will make it to the general election representing their identified political party. Think of it as

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