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Photo Gallery: The Refugee Cathedral of the Ascending Bull

Anabel Sanchez Online Editor   Below are photos taken of the art exhibit, The Refugee Cathedral of the Ascending Bull, during Hispanic Heritage Month at BC’s South Campus art gallery. It features works from Brazilian artist and resident professor of art, Jônatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon. photos taken by Jessica Hayek  

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Why Did the R-Rated Muppets movie flop?

Elliot Tritto Contributing Writer   When STX studios announced the film “Happy Time Murders,” this brought to my attention something that can be different, refreshing and original. Perhaps an R-rated Muppets movie? Well, who doesn’t love Sesame Street and the Muppets with their charming, unforgettable characters like Elmo, Kermit and Cookie Monster teaching valuable life lessons, with enjoyable, light humor.

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Let’s talk about claws: two options for long lasting manicures

Stephanie Sylvester Editor-in-chief   Beauty is becoming increasingly innovative as society advances. One distinctive element of beauty that has revolutionized and sored beyond your average dreams are nails. Nail materials, designs, and styles have taken on a creative futuristic look lately. Women are now confronted with an abundance of nail choices to get a style that not only looks better

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New basketball coach leads men’s team at Broward College

De’Ronzy Lawrence Sports Editor   The requirements fit to be a leader are traits only a few can possess. Those who are born with such traits have the ability to create a following that believes in their vision; Understanding and reaching each individual so that they will not only function as oneself, but as a unit. Athletic Director Robert Deustchman

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New veterans resource center opens on South Campus

Ray Alce Social Media Editor   Colleges and universities are experiencing an exceptional rise in the number of veteran students. Because of that, many schools have developed specific programs and services designed in order to improve the success of veterans in higher education. Still, data from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shows that a small percentage of veterans use

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Art exhibit on South commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month

Anabel Sanchez Online Editor   This month at Broward College South Campus, we are granted an immersive look into the latest creation of one of South Florida’s most imaginative artists. Broward College’s own Jônatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon debuts an exhibit that was months in the making. In contribution for Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated Sept. 1-30, Broward College’s Office of Cultural

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