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Detroit: Become Human: A flawed but worthwhile game

Detriot Become Human Video Game

By Anabel Sanchez Contributing Writer After over five years of production, gaming studio Quantic Dream finally releases Detroit: Become Human. It’s directed by the studio’s longstanding writer, David Cage. As with Cage’s earlier effort, Beyond: Two Souls, this game’s narrative is decision-based. A flow chart unlocks branches according to what choices the player has their character make, which, in turn,

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“Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story” on Netflix: A 1940’s icon and modern inspiration

Hedy Lamarr

By Anabel Sanchez Contributing Writer Beauty, wit, and undeniable brains. That is how Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story epitomizes Hollywood screen legend Hedy Lamarr. A 90-minute documentary that premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, it finally premieres on Netflix for easy streaming. First-time director Alexandra Dean sheds light on Lamarr, whose beauty and image was so powerful, she was

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All Haile BC’s New President, Gregory Haile

Greg Haile

Stephanie Sylvester South Bureau Chief These past few weeks have been a critical and challenging time for BC as students were given the opportunity to potentially meet with BC’s next president. Each president had strong and persuasive campaigns emphasizing different issues important to BC to gain student, teacher and faculty support. Out of the few candidates, one candidate was distinctive

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Calling all citizens to vote, make their voices heard this November

vote pin

November is approaching fast, and with November comes the mid-term elections! The mid-term elections give you a chance to exercise your given right as a citizen, and vote for who you believe is best for office. This includes senate seats, house of representative seats, governors, mayors and many other government jobs. We, at the Observer, believe that voting is one

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