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Winston the Gentle Giant

Colette Tamburini – Online Editor Meet Winston, a happy and lovable Pitbull who to Broward college student, Brandon Rodriguez, is the best three-legged pal a human could have!  Rodriguez rescued Winston and brought him to the Humane Society. His sister came to visit, she immediately gravitated towards the dog, thinking he was so cute. Rodriquez and his sister then chose

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Autumnal Minestrone Soup

Jessica Kladerman – Editor-in-Chief Recall the days of building a pillow or blanket fort. Placing a couple dining room chairs perfectly apart making a good foundation for the blanket or bed sheet roof and playing board games with friends or family for hours. Now imagine doing this on a much larger scale and having family dinner together in this fortress,

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What’s happening in Tallahassee: An Editorial

Gabriella Small and Colette Tamburini – Layout Editor and Online Editor COVID-19 is slowly starting to become a mainstay in our society, and it’s extremely upsetting. Although the numbers seemed to dip for quite a while, they are now reaching heights that didn’t seem possible when the virus initially struck the country. While this is a statement that rings true

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Broward’s Honors College Gives Serious Students Serious Benefits

Gabriella Small – Layout Editor Many students at Broward College are diligent, hard workers who come from many walks of life and juggle the hardships of everyday life with their studies. Some students, however, want to spice up their academic life by adding in an extra challenge that can test their learning abilities to the limits. Broward’s Honors College comes

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Remote Internships, Can They Actually Work?

Jessica Kladerman – Editor-in-Chief In the highly competitive world of fashion internships, the experience you can gain from working for a fashion company is instrumental in your developing portfolio. I applied for several positions on LinkedIn completely shooting in the dark. I never thought in a million years I would hear back from one of the first interning programs I

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Making It in Entertainment: Internship Edition

Megan Vineberg – Contributing Writer Anything worth having does not come easy, as they say. Ask any student today in music business with the goal of going into live music touring within the hospitality industry, or those in entertainment management. Music is not something that necessarily requires a degree, and yet a lot of positions in the industry on the

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