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Theranos: a thin line between Fraud & Visionary

Khian Reid – Staff Writer How did a company set to revolutionize the healthcare industry by placing affordable diagnostic tests in the homes of consumers become a global symbol of “fake it till you make it” gone wrong?  For John Carreyrou, the Wall Street investigative journalist whose article led to further investigations by the United States’ Department of Justice, it does

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All on the Line Non-Profit aims to end gerrymandering

Maya Mohan – North Bureau Chief Gerrymandering is a process that has been restricting voting rights for centuries. “All on the Line” is an organization that’s sole mission is to end gerrymandering by creating fair maps. According to the organization’s website, “Gerrymandering contributes to polarization and dysfunction in our political system.” The concept is named after Massachusetts Gov. Elbridge Gerry.

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5 Style Trends Marking the Start of 2022

Yestin Arvin Gochuico – Staff Writer New year, new me—and new clothes too. The relentless COVID-19 pandemic marked last year’s fashion, so designers had to follow by producing garments focused on comfort, minimalism, and convenience. This year, it’s going to be much wilder. Life is seeming to turn back to normal with vaccines and booster shots rolling out continuously, and

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Winston the Gentle Giant

Colette Tamburini – Online Editor Meet Winston, a happy and lovable Pitbull who to Broward college student, Brandon Rodriguez, is the best three-legged pal a human could have!  Rodriguez rescued Winston and brought him to the Humane Society. His sister came to visit, she immediately gravitated towards the dog, thinking he was so cute. Rodriquez and his sister then chose

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Autumnal Minestrone Soup

Jessica Kladerman – Editor-in-Chief Recall the days of building a pillow or blanket fort. Placing a couple dining room chairs perfectly apart making a good foundation for the blanket or bed sheet roof and playing board games with friends or family for hours. Now imagine doing this on a much larger scale and having family dinner together in this fortress,

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What’s happening in Tallahassee: An Editorial

Gabriella Small and Colette Tamburini – Layout Editor and Online Editor COVID-19 is slowly starting to become a mainstay in our society, and it’s extremely upsetting. Although the numbers seemed to dip for quite a while, they are now reaching heights that didn’t seem possible when the virus initially struck the country. While this is a statement that rings true

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