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What’s your New Year’s resolution, Seahawks?

Stephanie Sylvester Editor-in-Chief “New year, new me.” We hear it every year. Before the clock strikes 12 on December 31, most people are ecstatic to start creating their New Year’s resolutions. A New Year’s resolution can be a plan, a goal or a promise to make a change, improve or maintain one’s life in some way. These resolutions can be

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Aquaman: the return of the DC Extended Universe

Elliot Tritto Staff Writer 2018 proved to be a dynamic year for the Marvel Industry. With energetic releases of Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, PS4’s exclusive video game Spider-Man, and the shocking success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you would’ve thought that Marvel remains king of the Superhero Genre. Yet DC’s been waiting to reclaim that throne as they once

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: A Comic-book Masterpiece

Elliot Tritto Staff Writer 2018 was a fantastic year for superheroes but specifically for Spidey-fans. We first saw Tom Holland reprise his flawless portyal of Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War. Next, PS4’s exclusive open world video game, Spider-Man to which every Spidey fan can agree, it’s the Spider-Man game we’ve always wanted. With perfect web slinging, engaging story and a

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Does the Punisher from comic books deserve a video game?

Elliot Tritto Staff Writer Nolan Bushnell once said, “Video games foster the mindset that allow creativity to grow.” This quote has echoed in my head for the past couple of years. Every time I play a new video game with breathtaking visuals and engaging gameplay, this quote comes to mind. Specifically, the new PS4 exclusive open world video game, “Spider-Man.”

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Is Stranger Things Season 3 stuck in the Upside Down?

Jacqueline Michaud South Bureau Chief After what has seemed like an eternity for fans of the ‘80’s-era sci-fi series, Netflix’s Vice President of Original Programming, Cindy Holland, has confirmed that season three of “Stranger Things” will be released in the Summer of 2019, saying however that the delay “will be well worth the wait.” According to Holland, “it’s a hand

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Banksy art exhibit in Miami through Feb. 28

Michelle Castano Staff Writer We have all heard of the ‘elephant in the room’, but have you heard of ‘the graffitied cow in the farm’? If you follow Banksy’s street art, then you might have. The illusive British artist and activist, known as Banksy, once created an exhibition that featured graffitied livestock back in the early 2000’s.  Most recently, Banksy’s

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