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A chat with “The Vinyl Guide” host, Nate Goyer

Elliott Tritto Central Bureau Chief   An upcoming podcast, entitled “The Vinyl Guide,” invites listeners to a place where it’s all vinyl record talk. Hosted by Nate Goyer, “The Vinyl Guide” provides exclusive interviews with notable musicians, archivists, and doctors about “all things music and record-related.” Guests deliver stories about specific records, the reality of the music industry, and personal insight on

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Dark Knight legacy shares a connection with Broward College

Elliott Tritto Central Bureau Chief     Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Athena Finger, granddaughter of Bill Finger, co-creator of Batman, signifies as a great example of embracing a family’s legacy. In recent years, it’s come out that Bob Kane wasn’t the sole creator of

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