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New movies worth watching

Lachin Kerbabaeva Staff Writer  The sixth film in the dinosaur franchise Jurassic World Dominion hit theaters in June and still is running.   For anyone who has not seen it: the plot is the continuation of the story about Isla Nublar, which was destroyed. Meanwhile, some dinosaurs are transported to the mainland and break free. As a result, dinosaurs became full-fledged

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Cute or Problematic? Netflix’s Purple Hearts

Christy Joshy Social Media Editor  For a generation ruled by the desire for independence and free will, the “marriage of convenience” fictional trope in entertainment media is extremely popular. This trope presents two individuals who are usually not keen on the other but decide to enter marriage for personal benefit, not commitment and love. But by the end of the

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Where will the Defenders shows go now that they have left Netflix?

Scarlett Valencia – Staff Writer Marvel TV Series have officially left Netflix. The company partnered with the comic giant back in 2012 and produced six fan-favorite shows, including Jessica Jones, The Punisher, and Iron Fist. These action shows had been on the platform ever since their release. However, many fans here in Florida were surprised when signs that said, “This

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Top 3 Movies to Watch in March at the Cinema

Lachin Kerbabaeva – Online Editor On March 4, the long-awaited film The Batman by Matt Reeves was released. The inimitable Robert Pattinson played the leading role. The director promised to show a completely new version of Bruce Wayne and the “darkest” film about Gotham City. Billionaire Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) is called the “Prince of Gotham.” After the murder of his

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