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Disney’s “Soul” movie review

Sarah Leyva Features Editor Disney’s Pixar Studios released their latest film, “Soul,” on Christmas Day, giving everyone something to watch during the holidays. This was definitely not your average children’s movie, with a much heavier storyline with the concept of the before and after life. Jamie Foxx plays the protagonist in this new Pixar film, playing the role of an aspiring

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My South Florida Music Binge Journey in Quarantine Chapter Two: Darling Fire ignites the flame to start our Music Journey

Elliot Tritto Central Bureau Chief Living in South Florida under self-isolation presents many challenges. Unanswered questions lead to an open mind to which escaping from reality plays an important role to stay sane. One method that helps includes finding a selection of local bands to listen to. As I’ve previously stated in the first chapter of My South Florida Music

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Environmental symposium focuses on water

Renn Darbonne North Bureau Chief Each year The Social Science Club at North Campus presents an environmental symposium that gives students at Broward College the opportunity to meet and work with agencies that are key players in the fight to develop and implement various environmental policies. Students that attend the panel discussions are able to have a deeper understanding and

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Student contestants have fun during dating game

Elliot Tritto Central Bureau Chief On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Broward College Veterans Affairs hosted a dating game on South Campus. The Dating Game, aka old fashioned Tinder, admitted all students and staff into the Student Life activity center and about 50-60 people filed into their seats. The Dating Game consisted of four rounds that included a bachelor or

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Open mic event on South draws students in

Dolores Vil Staff Writer  Broward College’s South Campus Arts, Humanities, Communications and Design Department (AHCD) continues to pump out diverse events held on campus. While attending Voices: Open Mic, the talents BC students are gifted with were seen and heard for 2 hours in the early afternoon. From vocals to drums, the crowd was appeased. The Voices: Open Mic series

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