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Why Did the R-Rated Muppets movie flop?

Elliot Tritto Contributing Writer   When STX studios announced the film “Happy Time Murders,” this brought to my attention something that can be different, refreshing and original. Perhaps an R-rated Muppets movie? Well, who doesn’t love Sesame Street and the Muppets with their charming, unforgettable characters like Elmo, Kermit and Cookie Monster teaching valuable life lessons, with enjoyable, light humor.

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Let’s talk about claws: two options for long lasting manicures

Stephanie Sylvester Editor-in-chief   Beauty is becoming increasingly innovative as society advances. One distinctive element of beauty that has revolutionized and sored beyond your average dreams are nails. Nail materials, designs, and styles have taken on a creative futuristic look lately. Women are now confronted with an abundance of nail choices to get a style that not only looks better

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Don’t miss the drama: catch up on Season 5 Power on Netflix

Cassandra St. Fleur Contributing Writer   All that glitters is not gold. Apparently, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omar Hardwick, may have power, but he does not have control of his surroundings. On previous seasons, Ghost runs into his high school sweetheart, Angela and everything takes a drastic turn. In the midst of rekindling an old flame with Angela,

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Detroit: Become Human: A flawed but worthwhile game

Detriot Become Human Video Game

By Anabel Sanchez Contributing Writer After over five years of production, gaming studio Quantic Dream finally releases Detroit: Become Human. It’s directed by the studio’s longstanding writer, David Cage. As with Cage’s earlier effort, Beyond: Two Souls, this game’s narrative is decision-based. A flow chart unlocks branches according to what choices the player has their character make, which, in turn,

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