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Virtual & Digital Media Club partners with game developer

Michael Gennaro North Bureau Chief Interested in game development? Or do you just like to relax and enjoy video and tabletop games with your friends? The Virtual and Digital Media (VDM) Club on North Campus offers a little bit of everything for students who are into videogames, card games, tabletop games and other similar media. Jessica Perez, a Student Life

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Sociology professor encourages students

Michelle Castano Staff Writer “If you follow your passion, your dreams will come true,” stated Sociology professor Dr. Robert Gallagher. Hailing from Ohio, Dr. Gallagher, once an accounting major, had an inspiring professor during his junior year of college at Cleveland State University that made him change his major to Sociology.  Broward College students have the pleasure in having not

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Students learn about staying safe on campus

Anabel Sanchez Online Editor   On Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Broward County South’s Student Life department and Henderson Student Counseling Services held a special meeting regarding student safety. Narrated by Frank Pallavicini, overviews on relevant topics such as sexual misconduct, reactions to violence and abuse, sexual abuse and identifying abusive relationships were discussed along with students. According to the U.S.

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Urban Bush Women performs at Bailey Hall

Liana Martell Contributing Writer   A showcase of stories were presented through dances which highlighted the unheard voices and experiences of colored women within hair salons, stereotypical beauty standards and the society in which they live in. From Brooklyn, New York to South Florida, the non-profit dance company, Urban Bush Women, presented their most recent choreography of “Urban Bush Women:

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GSA hosts Art of the Drag to show gender performance

Michelle Castano Staff Writer   “Yass Queen” is now a modern day colloquialism. The phrase can be seen as positive reinforcement, even empowering; moreover, it can be applied to any gender. Gender can be defined as the state of being male or female, which is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. On Oct.

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