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The crisis of Black maternity: education and wellness

Thandie Brown Online Editor “I only know what they told me; I thought maybe it was my fault.” These are the first phrases to leave the mouth of Jenese Rasberry as she recalls the unmemorable birth of her last child. Medicinal history is dependent upon trial and error. A relationship sometimes seen as non-symbiotic, or exploitive depending on the community,

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Chick-N-Grill to be replaced on South Campus

Thandie Brown Online Editor Student voices have different ways of being accessed in institutional settings. For example, surveys, online forums, chats, face-to-face discussions, meetings, etc. In the age of social media, issues about student resources are often accompanied by complaints. They are noted, but the delivery is more so impersonal. To combat the dilemmas that surround the student body, Broward

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Tennis Team Continues Its Dominance

Curtis Michaud Staff Writer As the Broward College Women’s Tennis Team 2020 season is already underway, Head Coach Marlena Hall is looking forward to the progress these highly motivated and skilled women can produce. Another season where Coach Hall hopes with exceptional communication on the court and preparing mentally each day will make another run to Nationals. Hall who has

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If I Don’t Make it I Love You: How survivors cope

Renee Darbonne North Bureau Chief Alex Shachter was an honors student who loved marching band, basketball and bothering his sister. Joaquin Oliver was an avid sportsman loved by everyone for his dedication to fairness and equality. Helena Ramay was a model student involved in numerous activities and cared immensely about human rights. These are a few of the lives lost

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Annual journalism boot camp inspires students

Breauna Johnson Contributing Writer When you think of a boot camp you think of working out your body, struggling in the mud and rain to become stronger for your future goals. Where Professor Jennifer Shapiro’s Journalism Boot Camp has an absence of running in the rain and mud, there is an ambition to help get aspiring communications students’ goals into

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Getting students involved with Black Student Union

Ryan Marin South Bureau Chief The discussion at Broward College on subjects such as obstacles the black community face, systemic racism, the black-white wealth gap, is alive and kicking, thanks to Black Student Union. Black Student Union, also known as BSU, is a student-centered club where black students come together to have intellectual conversations on important issues and matters that

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