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BC celebrates fall 2020 graduates via virtual commencement ceremony

Arianna Allen Editor in Chief Broward College held the Fall 2020 virtual commencement ceremony on Saturday Dec. 19 at 1 p.m. via YouTube live to celebrate this semester’s graduating students.  Broward College President, Gregory Haile, opened by addressing the students with “Graduates, commencement is an exciting time when we celebrate your years of hard work.”  The virtual event was a

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Broward is taking steps forward to ensure students success despite recent budget cuts

Arianna Allen Online and Podcast Editor Broward College is moving forward from their recent budget cuts this past June by implementing a plethora of programs to better serve the majority of the student population. BC has recently made significant budget cuts that included the closure of the Athletic Department, the Early Childhood Laboratory School, the suspension of operations at Bailey

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BC Continues to Engage in Social Issues

Curtis Michaud News Editor Broward College and its administration forms the Advisory Council for the Advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ACADEI) to fight racial equity inside and outside of the classroom. The Council was created after a series of deaths by police officers around the nation that created major uproar with enormous protests and looting of businesses. Deaths like

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The Observer Newspaper comes out with a Podcast

Arianna AllenOnline and Podcast Editor The Broward College’s student newspaper, The Observer, has decided to expand their platforms by adding a podcast to their repertoire. This platform discusses events, news and various topics that are occurring in not only the Broward College realm, but worldwide.  Elliot Tritto, former Central Bureau Chief, helped brainstorm the idea of starting a podcast which

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Broward College Continues to Distribute Funds

Curtis Michaud News Editor Broward College has recently released news to its students via email that a re-launch of the SEAhawk grant is available for students attending courses during the Summer Term.  Students who were previously awarded in the Spring term are not eligible to receive another Spring reward however, Summer term students are qualified to apply. “We initially started

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Broward College puts an end to their entire Athletics Department

Noel Cabrera Editor in Chief As we continue to live in this battle with COVID-19, we start to see the economic downfall around our country. We are seeing this affect the education systems as well, and with that comes the cutting of certain departments such as athletics. We are witnessing many universities and colleges across the nation be affected economically

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