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Applying for a federal work study job 101

Stephanie Sylvester Copy Editor The Federal Work-Study program is a program that provides employment to students with financial need. In order to qualify for Federal Work-Study, one must be eligible for Financial Aid. Some schools and departments may set additional requirements in regards to work experience, GPA, or major.  Before applying to a work-study job, it is important to have

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Students have opportunities to study abroad

Thandie Brown Staff Writer Studying abroad is one the most exciting things you can do in college outside of starting your own club and finishing your degree on time.  Broward College’s Study Abroad homepage defines study abroad as, “an academic program which provides students with the opportunity to travel the world while earning credit toward their degree.” Students have the

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Human Services, a helping profession degree now offered at BC Human Services

Michelle Castano Editor-in-Chief Broward College created a 60 credit Human Services Associate of Science degree. According to BC, this degree is designed for people seeking employment or advancements in human services.  “Our ultimate goal is to get you an associate degree, get you a job in the field, and we are hoping to one day, grow this into a Bachelor’s

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BC awards $200k to volunteer groups for MLK week of service

Michael Gennaro North Bureau Chief On the third Monday in January each year, Americans observe the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a federal holiday. On this day, citizens remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dignity in the face of oppression, his compassion and most importantly, citizens remember the initiatives he took to give back to his community.

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