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Florida rates new highs for STDs, BC offers educational programs

STDs are on the rise in Florida, and BC’s Student Life offices hold different educational programs about HIV/STD prevention throughout the year.   Anabel Sanchez Online Editor Despite national and local campaigns for safe sex over the last decade, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis are on the rise as the top sexually transmitted diseases for the fourth year in a row,

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Broward College offers 11 different 10K Bachelor degrees

Melissa Getter recently graduated with a BAS in Supervision and Management. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Getter   Jacqueline Michaud South Bureau Chief   Launching in 2015, Broward College, along with a state initiative provided by Governor Rick Scott, broke new ground in broadening their educational horizons and expanding their curriculum to incorporate the $10K initiative- a bachelor’s degree educational plan

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BC takes #factchecking to a whole new level

Jacqueline Michaud Contributing Writer   When there is a will, there is a way. The will in 2016 was to help students improve their grades and understanding of two essential writing crafts- researching and citation checking. Through creating the Walk-In Research Clinic & Citation Check Event Program, BC South Campus Faculty Librarians Lori Albrizio and Chris Casper, as well as

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New One Access app protects students’ accounts

Michelle Castano Staff Writer   Cyber security is definitely a major factor in present day society. With the use of smart phones, individuals are more connected than ever. We have phone applications for a myriad of functions, including banking, social media, and even dating apps. Facebook recently had a security breach, unwillingly releasing sensitive information to hackers; in fact, approximately

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New basketball coach leads men’s team at Broward College

De’Ronzy Lawrence Sports Editor   The requirements fit to be a leader are traits only a few can possess. Those who are born with such traits have the ability to create a following that believes in their vision; Understanding and reaching each individual so that they will not only function as oneself, but as a unit. Athletic Director Robert Deustchman

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